Anime that told fans “We’re in serious trouble” has a troublingly tiny art revision for home video release.

In the current TV anime industry, it’s pretty much the norm for schedules to be tight and budgets stretched to the snapping point, so just about every season there’ll be at least one series with a few laughably bad animation errors. But even in that environment, My Sister, My Writer, called Ore ga Suki na no ha Imoto Dakedo Imoto ja nai in the Japanese market, was an especially messy train wreck of a show.

Things got so bad that the production staff stuck a hidden cry for help into the credits, listing an animator with the name “We’re in serious trouble.” One week, the new episode wasn’t even finished, forcing broadcasters to rerun the same episode from a week ago.

▼ When even the characters’ mouths start trying to leave the show, you’ve got problems.

But My Sister, My Writer somehow managed to limp to the finish line, wrapping up its 10-episode run in mid-December, and now the first Blu-ray disc is on sale. Considering how much clean-up work gets done these days between anime TV broadcasts and their physical media releases, this could be a chance for the series to really spruce itself up, right?

Well, let’s take a look at a side-by-side screenshot comparison, provided by Japanese Twitter user @mikune777. “The Blu-ray has an extensive revision,” he excitedly announces…

…before specifying the improvement is to “to the color of the sheets.”

Further hammering home the insignificance of the “upgraded” Blu-ray visuals is the fact that @mikune777 doesn’t even bother specifying which screen shot is from the TV broadcast version and which is from the home video release, because whether the sheets are white or pink, female lead Suzuka still looks awkward and stiff, and, in keeping with My Sister, My Writer’s overarching aesthetic, her awkward stiffness here is different from the awkward stiffness she has in other scenes, so she’s not even on-model.

Still, if you’re a big enough fan to not only be able to determine which bedsheet color is from the Blu-ray version, and if that enhancement is enough of a tipping point to convince you to buy anime’s most problematic problem child of the last year, Volume 1 can be ordered from Amazon here.

Source: Twitter/@mikune777 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mikune777
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