The legend of tragically named pseudo-animator Shojiki Komata returns!

It hasn’t been a smooth season for anime TV series My Sister, My Writer (titled Ore ga Suki na no ha Imoto Dakedo Imoto ja nai in Japanese). From the very beginning, it’s been clear that the production staff isn’t up to the task of delivering a new episode each and every week, with off-model art and animation errors piling up in such rapid succession that the surreally bad visuals have overshadowed any other aspects of the show about a teen with a younger sister who’s secretly a light novel author.

If mouths aren’t ripping themselves off of the faces they’re supposed to belong to…

…modern touch-screen smartphones are being downgraded to button-laden flip phones between camera cuts.

The situation has gotten so bad that in My Sister, My Writer’s sixth episode, which aired after midnight in the early a.m. hours of November 15, the animators stuck a hidden cry for help in the credits, listing one of the staff members as “Shojiki Komata,” a linguistically impossible name in Japan that’s actually a thinly veiled version of the Japanese phrase shojiki komatta, meaning “We’re in serious trouble.”

▼ Because how else would you describe a situation where there’s not even enough time to draw a character’s body below the shoulder blades, and so she just becomes a floating torso?

But even that SOS hasn’t turned out to be the rock-bottom point for My Sister, My Writer. While episode 7 was scheduled to air early on November 22, the producers announced on the evening of November 20, roughly 30 hours before the new episode was supposed to start, that episode 7 will be delayed one week, due to “circumstances related to production progress.”

In its place, viewers will get to relive the joy of watching episode 6 again, as it will be rerun in My Sister, My Writer’s regular time slot. Given that the staff is so swamped with work that episode 7 is critically behind schedule, it goes without saying that none of episode 6’s artwork will have been cleaned up or improved, which means that we can look forward to seeing Shojiki Komata’s name in the credits once more, telling anyone watching, for a second time, that My Sister, My Writer’s visuals are in danger of flying off the rails at any given moment.

That’s the spirit-broken name underlined in yellow in the above screen capture, for those of you who want to follow along with the unfortunate pseudo animators burgeoning career.

Sources: My Sister, My Writer official website, Twitter/@imoimo_anime via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@Tukkun0816