Creative celebration includes a tip of the hat to one more beloved Japanese RPG franchise too.

I have an old coworker who’s a big Nintendo fan. His wife isn’t such a gamer herself, but on their wedding day, she surprised him by pointing out that within the delicate decorations of their wedding cake she’d included a Yoshi egg, as a nod to the adorable rideable dinosaur from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise.

So if such cool shows of creativity can come from when just one side of the romantic union loves interactive electronic entertainment, what can result when the bride and groom both have a deep passion for not only video games, but even the same series? You might end up with something like the ceremony and reception attended by Japanese Twitter user @106_hagi.

@106_hagi’s younger brother recently tied the knot, and he and @106_hagi’s new sister-in-law are both big fans of the twin pillars of the Japanese role-playing game genre: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. So the day’s program came encased in a translucent blue case just like the ones that PlayStation 4 games are sold in, except that the front cover had “PS 5.5” emblazoned across the top, since the wedding was being held on May 5. The traditional Final Fantasy was used to instead announce that this was a “Bridal Fantasy,” and accompanying the text was an illustration of a woman in a wedding dress, drawn with intricate linework reminiscent of original Final Fantasy character designer and contributing image artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Inside the case was a seating chart for the intimate gathering, with almost all of the 33 people in attendance (including the bride and groom) represented by bit-mapped, 16-bit-style Final Fantasy characters. There are more than a few clever salutes to the series’ events, such as the groom’s father’s seat being marked by Jecht, the father of Final Fantasy X’s male protagonist, and the stand-ins for the bride’s parents being Sephiroth and Sorceress Edea, intimidating adversaries from Final Fantasy VII and VIII, respectively. The bride and groom themselves were marked on the chart with Luna and Noctis, the betrothed pair from Final Fantasy XV.

The only person without a Final Fantasy substitute was the groom’s little brother, who’s seat is instead designated by Mr. Saturn from Earthbound, since he’s got a special fondness for that landmark 1990s game. Other video game-inspired flourishes included a Dragon Quest Slime and Final Fantasy Chocobo replacing the two teddy bears that often greet guess at the reception entrance.

Online relations included:

“That must have been an entertaining and unforgettable wedding!!!!”
“So jealous.”
“Good call making the bride’s dad Sepiroth. For the groom, her dad is like the last boss he has to overcome!”

So congratulations to the newlyweds, who hopefully are currently enjoying their honeymoon, or, as they might think of it, the first batch of post-game content.

Source: Twitter/@106_hagi