Mona Lisa

Makeup artist transforms herself into amazing likenesses of famous oil paintings, celebrities

Why use a regular old canvas when you can recreate masterpieces on your own face?

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Chinese artist transforms herself into 2-D masterpieces with only the use of makeup【Video】

See the Mona Lisa and another Renaissance-era classics come to life…in vivid 2-D! 

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We’re not sure if we should laugh or cry at this hairstylist’s striking hair tattoo of Trump

Now customers can rest easy knowing the President of the United States will always be on the back of their mind.

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Mona Lisa gets a new look, shows off her girly side

At the beginning of this year, we found out just how hot Mona Lisa was as a college student. With her long curled auburn hair and fancy side bangs, she looked more chic than enigmatic. A new image of Mona Lisa has surfaced on the internet in Japan, making many of us wonder exactly what stage in her life she could have been in. With flirty pigtails sprouting from either side of her head and a smaller pointed chin, she looks more at home amongst the girls of Japanese idol group AKB48 than in the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

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It’s a perfect match! Amazing trick of the eye lets you substitute a part of Mona Lisa’s face with manga drawing – and still see her face!

Have you seen the picture of Einstein that looks like Marylin Monroe if you’re near-sighted or if you look at it from a distance? We posted a story on it on our Japanese site in the past. Well, there’s another fun piece of trick art that is being shared on the internet in Japan recently. It’s quite a simple picture really – just the Mona Lisa with a manga drawing covering a part of her face. (Well, her face has actually been inverted, but it’s still the image of her familiar face.) But look what happens when you see a smaller version of the picture! Read More