What do you get when you combine a beloved celebrity with a beloved Pokémon? Adoring fans of both!

Between booth babes, ageless models, and professional boxers, there’s really no shortage of beautiful ladies among Asian celebrities. But how many out there have ever donned a Pokémon costume?

Actress and model Mizuki Yamamoto has. She recently posted a photo and video of her wearing the cute ears and poofy tail of an Eevee costume on Instagram, to the absolute delight of her fans and followers.

The photo, posted on November 5, shows Yamamoto, dressed in a full, fuzzy Eevee costume, receiving a Razz Berry from a man in a suit. Rather than a traditional costume of the beloved four-legged Pokémon, however, it seems she’s gone for a more anthropomorphic style, with ears that look like they grew right out of her hair, and human-like arms and legs. “What will I evolve into?” she wrote, as she called herself “Mizukeevee”.

The costume is apparently part of a photo shoot for a magazine entitled “Q-pot. SEASONAL LOOK BOOK ~CAKE~”, which is already on sale. It seems like the shoot is in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, presumably to commemorate the release of the Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee! games, which are coming out in just a few days. She also shared a video of herself in the costume, where you can watch a stylist getting her ready for the photoshoot.

▼ “The ears and the wig are done! #Mizukeevee”

Unsurprisingly, Yamamoto’s fans loved the costume:

“Too cute! Where can I catch this Eevee?”
“Please let me catch you.”
“Oh no, how cute!”
“I wanna catch you! Cute!!”
“You’ll evolve into a human!”
“You’re so cute I could die!”

Considering the last thing we remember seeing her in was the Sadako vs. Kayako horror movie…this is definitely a much brighter and cuter role for Mizuki Yamamoto! We’d love to get our hands on the magazine and see the rest of the shoot, and to find out more about this new breed of Eevee.

Source: Instagram/@mizuki_yamamoto_official via Entame RBB via Otakom
Featured Image: Instagram/@mizuki_yamamoto_official