She might be just seven months old, but her incredible locks have already netted her more than 120,000 followers.

We all know how adorable baby humans can be, but not all of them can boast being an Instagram star less than a year after coming into the world. For Japanese girl Baby Chanco, though, it’s something she takes in her stride, well not literally as she can’t even walk yet, as people around the world are currently obsessed with her hair.

▼ Say hello to Baby Chanco.

Despite the fact that she spends her time crawling, chewing on toys, and cuddling up to teddy bears twice her size, Baby Chanco has a full head of thick, lustrous hair rarely seen on children of her age.

Born in December last year, Chanco first appeared on Instagram in May, with this photo showing her at 4 months-of-age.

Since then, her “hair diary” has evolved, with updates at different stages of growth showcasing her thick mane in all its glory.

▼ Here she is at 5 months.

▼ And more recently, at 6 months.

With such impressive hair, it’s easy to forget that she’s still a tiny baby who can’t even stand on her own two feet yet. This video is a cute reminder of her age, as she gurgles in delight at the breeze of a fan.

While it’s unclear why Chanco has so much hair for her age, it’s something that she was clearly born with, as this photo shows her already sporting a full head of hair as a newborn.

▼ Now, she’s regularly visiting the salon to get her hair trimmed and thinned out.

If you’re in Japan and you happen to see a person with this coming towards you, there’s no need to be alarmed – it’s just Baby Chanco!

To keep up to date with Chanco’s hair diary, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram. After receiving worldwide attention from the international media, Chanco’s followers jumped from 10,000 in June to more than 120,000 as of this writing, so we can’t wait to see more of her adorable updates!

Source: Instagram/babychanco
Featured image: Instagram/babychanco