Why worry about surgery scars when you can just make(up) your worries away?

What is beauty? What are the physical characteristics that make someone beautiful? It’s hard to exactly pin down the answer to these questions as beauty is subjective and every culture’s definition can be very different. Cosmetics or makeup have been used since the ancient Sumerians as a way to enhance beauty without affecting the body’s structure. It may not be permanent, but with the right application and practice, makeup techniques can definitely turn some heads.

A Korean YouTuber is finding success with her makeup tutorials as the before and after results gives off an extremely different impression.

Korea is well-known as a country that often turns to cosmetic surgery, but the results Holy (pronounced “Holly”) produces show that you don’t need to go under the knife to have what some people consider striking and beautiful features.

Holy has several video tutorials where she documents various makeup styles, colors and results, all while sharing the different products she uses so that viewers can try them out themselves. Though it might add some extra time in one’s normal routine to look like this, as long as you appreciate the results, it may be worth it.

Source: YouTube/홀리