It’s important to have goals.

Some of you youngsters out there might not remember, but back in the day Sega used to make home game consoles, and they were darn-tootin’ good at it too. Among them was the Sega Saturn, the counterpart to the first PlayStation and Nintendo 64, which marked Sega’s transition into CD-ROM based games.

▼ Back then, the hype was so great that Sega could get away with weird and abstract commercials like this

Although it was released first among the big three of the generation, the Saturn trailed far behind Sony and Nintendo’s systems in terms of sales. This was due to a number of factors both technical and business-wise, but through it all the system still had its base of hardcore fans — the most hardcore of which has got to be Twitter user sgΛ (@sgmyzbh).

To give you an idea of just how into the Saturn he is, on 20 February he tweeted that his collection of every single Sega Saturn game was complete.

Now that’s dedication.
(Translation below)

“All 1,057 titles of the Sega Saturn are finally complete…. It took a long time…. The last three especially…. There are pros and cons to completing this, but for now anyway, I feel relieved that I have made it. I thought it was going to be impossible personally, but somehow the dream came true. Well, guess I’ll have a tempura rice bowl.”

Regardless of what you think about the Saturn or video games in general, there’s a certain feeling of elation that comes with completing something like that. It’s like the sensation you get after cleaning up your entire house and everything looks nice, except in this case your house is made of Panzer Dragoon and Virtual Volleyball.

The sense of satisfaction was so contagious, many well-wishers gathered to offer congratulations:

“Yeah, you have my admiration.”
“Now that’s a collection!”
“If you look closely his other shelf is full of Dreamcast games!”
“TurboGrafx16 is the best.”
“Does he have all the erotic games too?”
“Wow, you’ve had a Saturn this long?! Mine broke down after three years.”
“So what were those last three titles that took so long to find?”

The Saturn collector extraordinaire, sgΛ answered that last question saying that one of the hard-to-get  games was Pro Shinan Mahjong Tsuwamono and the other two were secret. He added that the reason they were secret wasn’t to hinder other collectors, but just because it was more fun if people imagined what they were.

In addition, sgΛ received acclaim from the highest authority on the matter: Sega itself.

▼ “That’s quite a sight and made me gasp ‘OHHH!’ without thinking. And you did it in the 25th anniversary year of the Sega Saturn. Thank you for loving Sega Saturn for such a long time!”

It’s a nice gesture, but that’s a bit like plowing through a really difficult game only to get a quick splash screen saying “Thanks for playing!” I’d like to think Sega could do something a little more to honor such a dedicated fan on this the 25th anniversary of the Saturn.

Nevertheless, sgΛ was a really good sport about it.
(Translation below)

“Thank you very much, I’m honored. Virtua Fighter, Clockwork Knight, Daytona, Nights into Dreams, etc, etc…. I spent a lot of fun time with the Sega Saturn. Thank you for so many interesting games. I will continue to support you in the future.”

What a swell guy, and I guess Sega always was known for having a bit of an attitude, but hopefully they’ll eventually hook sgΛ up with a Sonic doll or something at least.

Source: Twitter/@sgmyzbh, Kinisoku
Top image: YouTube/Cyber Chaos Crew