”Seriously?” asks internationally famous actress, who’s shocked every time she takes a bath at how quickly her body is changing, but knows it’s for not just one, but two special reasons.

2018 was an eventful year for Sola Aoi. Though she’s now retired from the industry, Aoi spent several years as arguably Japan’s most famous adult film actress, building up an international fan base, and those fans had mixed feelings of happiness, sadness, and probably even some jealousy as she announced her marriage in January of last year to a guy she says is neither handsome nor rich, but very caring and kind.

A few months later, Aoi found herself the victim of some cowardly vandalism to her car, though it at least seems to have been a random incident, and not a case of someone specifically targeting her. But fortunately for the 35-year-old Tokyo native, life was back to a happy upswing after that, as she revealed that she’s pregnant.

▼ Aoi with her musician husband, DJ Non

As 2018 wound down, Aoi announced her pregnancy, having kept it under wraps for the first several months. With her due date coming up, she’s been sharing maternity photos of herself, while providing updates about her experience.

And if you think that she has an especially maternal glow in these photos, it might be because the love she and her husband have for one another has manifested itself not just as one baby-to-be, but two!

Yes, Aoi is expecting twins, and while her long-time fans might be very familiar with the contours of her AV-industry-days body, she’s radiating beauty of a different category these days.

With just a few weeks left to go before welcoming a double-sized bundle of joy into the world, Aoi says the twins are growing at a rate of 100-150 grams (3.5-5.3 ounces) a week, each, for a total of 200-300 extra grams for her to be carrying on her ordinarily slender 156-centimeter (61-inch) frame.

“It’s getting hard to even go outside, so I think I’m going to start ordering my groceries online soon,” muses Aoi. Now with less than two months to go until her due date, we might be seeing less of her online as she conserves energy and saves her strength, but odds are once the twins are born, she’ll be sharing photos of the two new members of her and her husband’s family.

Source: Sola Aoi official blog via IT Media, Instagram/aoi_sola
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