It’s so springy, like a little rabbit!

When it comes to the debate between cats and dogs, well, you have to admit that both sides have strong arguments. Cats, after all, are snuggly and soft, and they purr, and their adorable pink toe-beans just can’t be ignored. But you can’t deny that their feigned indifference hurts sometimes, and that’s where dogs have the advantage: with their unconditional, and unrelenting, love.

For example, a cat wouldn’t usually be waiting at the door for you to come home, like this adorable little shiba dog named Mame, whose owner Naoko (@ichi.glucklick) posted a video of her on Instagram. She just could not wait for her owner to get in the door, and was so excited that she was literally jumping for joy!

At first you wouldn’t even know what she was excited about. She’s pressed up against the glass window that seems to be leading out to the entrance hall, hopping up and down like an excited rabbit. Some of her jumps are rather impressive; she looks like she gets almost a foot off of the ground!

When her owner comes into view, her enthusiasm intensifies, and she jumps faster, though not necessarily higher.

Then he opens the door and her little tail goes off wagging at almost light-speed, and she runs and hops around him until he bends and pets her! It looks like she’s biting him, but she doesn’t seem to close on his hand, just puts her mouth around it, which is a funny way for her to show her affection.

Mame-chan is a master jumper, in fact, but she does it because she loves the man of the house so much. On her owner’s Instagram there are lots of videos of her excited to see him! Here she is greeting him in the morning:

And in the afternoon with a big smile on her face!

But all of that jumping comes at a toll; once the excitement is over, it’s time to take a nap on someone’s lap.

Clearly, Mame-chan loves her owners, and she makes sure to show it! Just like the husky dog who just had to voice her excitement when her friend came to visit. Call me crazy, but you wouldn’t get that level of enthusiasm from a cat, would you?

Source: Instagram/@ichi.glucklick via Netlab
Images: Instagram/@ichiglucklick
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