King of video games and king of the monster show up in the same place at the same time.

It’s been five years since Godzilla appeared in real-life downtown Tokyo, peering down at the streets of the Shinjuku neighborhood from the roof of Hotel Gracery. The local landmark is perfectly positioned for photos from ground level, with the building at the end of the street that’s become informally known as “Godzilla Road.”

It’s a popular tourist spot, but on a recent stroll through the neighborhood Japanese Twitter user and virtual YouTuber Madoromi-nesan (@amanosakatu) saw an especially large group of foreign travelers with their cameras out and pointed towards the building. Upon closer inspection, though, these visitors from overseas weren’t being enthralled by just one Japanese pop culture icon, but two, as Super Mario was there too!

Though the Super Mario Bros. Movie is still more than two weeks away from its theatrical release in Japan, the Nintendo mascot himself is already in Shinjuku in the form of a gigantic promotional poster hanging on the side of Godzilla’s skyscraper.

Even though Godzilla got here first, and by a fairly wide margin, the positioning and posing in the Mario poster really make it look like the two are creatively collaborating to make a dramatic scene, and Twitter commenters have reacted with:

“Yep, that’s getting me fired up too!”
“I can almost hear the ‘ping’ sound effect as Mario punches Godzilla and a coin pops out of him.”
“Shinjuku really is an amazing place.”
“Godzilla subbing in for Bowser.”
“So are we gonna get a Shin Mario movie [like Shin Godzilla]?”

Just about the only negative reaction to this meeting of superstars was from one commenter who groused “Having Mario there messes with the sense of scale for Godzilla.” But hey, if regular Mario can grow into Super Mario by eating a Super Mushroom, who’s to say there’s not an even more potent power-up that can make him kaiju-size?

Source: Twitter/@amanosakatu
Top image: Twitter/@amanosakatu
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