Let’s get this out of the way first: Miso soup is delicious. It’s a great addition to nearly any meal, but we have to admit that it is pretty…basic, in every sense of the word. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that! Basic doesn’t mean bad, though we imagine it presents a bit of a marketing problem–how do you differentiate one brand of miso soup from another? If you deviate from the tried-and-true recipe too much, it’s just not miso soup anymore!

Well, it looks like Marukome, one of Japan’s top miso paste producers, has found a way: They’ve played loud, fast, and raw rock music for their newest instant miso soup–right in the miso paste factory !


Marukome produces a ton of miso paste, which they then use to make a slew of other products, not the least of which is instant miso soup. Though miso soup is certainly one of Japan’s most traditional foods, the company is not without a sense of humor it seems. In addition to posting Twitter pictures of their extremely creepy mascot (below), they recently decided to collaborate with the “mystery” Japanese rock band known as “Misoshiru’s” (literally “Miso soup’s”) to produce not only some truly rocking commercials but an entirely new product!

▼”It puts the miso in the bucket or else it gets the hose again.”

The new product, which will be available in various Japanese convenience stores next month, has been given the unnecessarily long name 味噌汁’s監修 ロックを聴かせた味噌汁, which could be translated as “Supervised by Misoshiru’s Miso soup which has had rock music played for it.” It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it in English, so we think they should probably call it “Rocking Miso Soup” if they ever decide to export it.

As you probably guessed from the band’s name, they’re quite fond of miso soup, so don’t write it off as crass marketing just yet. They apparently even helped with perfecting the recipe for the instant miso soup, though their main input seems to have been playing for the miso paste. The band’s guitarist, known as Paul, donned his glasses (complete with fake nose and mustache), and actually performed a long, raucous guitar solo at the miso paste factory in Nagano. The music was recorded, complete with video, and turned into a commercial, which you can watch below. There is both a 30-second and a 120-second version, so you can decide which best fits your schedule.

▼30-second version

▼120-second version

We’re not sure if the guitar solo will actually make any difference in the taste of the instant miso, but we have to admit that we’re curious enough to want to try it when it comes out. In other words, it looks like the marketing worked!

▼It doesn’t hurt that the mascot is totally awesome.


So, now that you’ve heard this Jimi Hendrix-esque solo, you may be wondering just what a regular Misoshiru’s song sounds like. Fortunately, they have a music video for their song “Otoshidama” available for the pleasure of your eye and/or ear balls–it’s the funniest video we’ve seen all year!

In case you’re not familiar with otoshidama, it is basically “New Year’s money,” which is often given to children as presents. The unlucky boy in this video has discovered that his parents and grandparents have been keeping and using the money instead of giving it to him. Hell hath no fury like a child denied his otoshidama!

The band, whose members’ identities are obscured, also released a number of commercials for their debut album, Me So She Loose, which sounds like “Misoshiru’s” if said fast. If music doesn’t work out for these guys, we’re thinking they have a future in marketing…

▼The “transferring to a new school” version…

▼The “bewbs bewbs bewbs” version…

▼The “creepy old man spirit” version…

Misoshiru’s music is available on Amazon USA, Amazon Japan, and iTunes. The instant miso soup will be available in FamilyMart, Daily Yamazaki, Y-Shop, and NEWDAYS in February. Hopefully it will taste as good as it sounds!

Sources: Marukome, Japaaan, Natalie
Images: Japaaan (unless otherwise noted)