This dog will keep you out of harm’s way and out of embarrassment’s way.

The Internet has no shortage of cute animal videos, whether it be the sleeping animals we recently discovered on this Instagram hashtag or on popular Twitter accounts. It was on one of these accounts that we found a bit of a gem that we just had to share.

Popular Japanese Twitter account @iyashi_no_time uploaded a video of a dog protecting its owner from a prank that involved a wet cushion.

▼ If only dogs could speak human, she’d understand sooner!

The beginning of the video shows a big, puppy-eyed German shepherd resting his head on his companion’s shoulder. When the girl stands up, the cameraman jumps into action and dribbles some water onto the yellow cushion she’d been sitting on. Unfortunately for the cameraman, the dog wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

▼ The canine’s first attempt to prevent his owner’s discomfort was to push the bottle away from the cameraman’s hand with his paw, but to no avail.

The girl remains oblivious to what’s happening behind her, so the dog decides to take the hit and sit on the cushion. The German shepherd then refuses to budge even when she literally sits on him, instead looking up at her with appealing eyes.

With the owner still not understanding what’s going on, the dog decides to drag the cushion away and eliminate the problem altogether.

▼ “Why don’t you understand me, human?” it almost seems to say.

The biggest ‘aww’ moment has to be when the owner realizes what her dog has done for her. She feels the cushion and when realizing she’s been pranked, she gives the dog a well-deserved hug.

▼ It’s moments like this that make it all worth it for both dog and owner.

Once again, the bond between humans and dogs has been proven. We wonder if the dog also greets its owner with the same enthusiasm as this loving husky dog.

Source, images: Twitter/@iyashi_no_time
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