When this owner returned to her hometown for a few days, her family dog’s reaction was priceless.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Who else would run to the door and greet you when you come home, every single time? To top it off, some dogs just go completely bananas when one of their favorite hoomans comes home, and you just can’t help but feel super duper loved, if a little embarrassed by their extensive enthusiasm. Take this husky in Japan named Mint, for example, who was so excited to see her owner that she absolutely lost her marbles.

Mint, who lives with Twitter user kurowan’s (@min_04_22) parents in her hometown, seemed to take a minute to figure out who was coming through the door, but once she knew, boy was she excited. She suddenly jumped down into the entrance of the house then spun in a tight circle before coming back to kurowan to get scratches and pets. She was barely able to contain her excitement enough to let her neck be scratched.

Not only that, but Mint makes incredible noises to express her excitement. If we didn’t see the video, we might think she was getting hurt by something, but no! That’s just how loving huskies tell you how much they missed you.

▼ Here’s Mint exclaiming happily about her owner’s return. She moves so much that there’s not a single clear shot of her in the video!

Many Japanese netizens pointed out that it sounds like she’s saying “Okaeri”, which is Japanese for “Welcome back!”. That would be awesome if it were true, since that would make Mint the second Japanese-speaking dog we’ve encountered in the last few months. Other netizens, on the other hand, just swooned over the pudgy, 11-year-old husky, who has gained weight as a side effect of some medicine she’s taking.

“Is Mint talking?? How cute!! And a little rough! Haha”
“I bet she’s saying, ‘I was waiting for you the whole time!’and ‘Yay! Yay!'”
“Out of the many numerous cute animal videos this one is so cute I almost fainted!”
“Such a pudgy little husky! How cute!”
“That’s why dogs are awesome.”
“Dogs are so cute. My three are so happy when I come home that it looks like they’re competing to hug me!”
“It’s too cute!! I love this video!”

Huskies are known to be pretty vocal about their emotions, and Mint isn’t the only one to show how excited she was to see her owner. What if you had four huskies like Mint just waiting to scream and jump on you when you get home? Now that would be a dream life–if a bit of a noisy one!

Source: Twitter/@min_04_22 via Netlab
Images: Twitter/@min_04_22