Here at RocketNews24, we can’t get enough of adorable Shiba Inu. And when it’s the amazing cosplaying Shiba Inu dog duo S-kun and H-chan, how could we resist seeing what they’re up to next?

However this time it’s not the dogs’ cosplay that’s in the news, but H-chan’s magical face. When she started begging for some of her owner’s edamame, something horrible happened, and H-chan’s reaction rocked the internet. Read on and be prepared to squeal with delight at the overwhelming cuteness!

On the morning of September 7, S-kun and H-chan’s owner was snacking on some edamame beans. H-chan was intrigued and made her move to put on her best doggy begging face.

Then H-chan’s owner did the unthinkable: eating the edamame that H-chan wanted.

▼ “The moment I picked up an edamame and quickly ate it without giving it to her, H-chan’s face went from happy to ‘Really?’ in a flash. I’m so sorry!”

That’s right folks. H-chan’s owner didn’t give her the edamame she was begging so hard to get. And they didn’t even give her one after heartlessly eating it in front of her either. A horrible incident for sure, but at least we get to see these photos of the adorable aftermath.

▼ Still waiting for that bean.

Japanese netizens had a lot to say about this situation:

“Why are you so mean to your dog?”
“That face is heart-wrenching!”
“Oh my god she’s so cute even when she’s mad.”
“The dog is all like, ‘Why are you taking my picture, human?'”
“Betraying an animal’s trust like that is unforgivable!”

Agreed! Is there some way we can start a fundraiser to get some edamame to poor H-chan? A Kickstarter? A GoFundMe?! We just want to help!

In all seriousness though, H-chan most likely got plenty of beans once her pictures were finished. Although if her human could just post a few pictures of her munching happily on a mountain of edamame, it would go a long way toward us all putting down our pitchforks and torches and continuing on with our Shiba Inu-loving lives.

Source: Twitter (@C_Suzuki) via Hamusoku
Image source: Twitter (@C_Suzuki)