Light displays, idol dances, motivational speeches, celebrity appearances–you name it, they’ve got it.

Spring is here, and the cherry blossoms have come and gone. In Japan, that means that it’s time to start a new school year, and there’s no better way for first-year students to get acquainted with their new school than with a mind-numbingly boring entrance ceremony, which is primarily composed of being forced to sit in an auditorium for hours and listen to school leaders make speeches.

But not so at Kindai University (formerly known as Kinki University)! Their entrance ceremony is packed to the brim with singing, dancing, and other entertaining performances. They even have their own idol group, Kindai Girls 2019, and an original idol song!

Kindai University’s official YouTube channel uploaded the above video showing highlights from the ceremony, and it seems like a rockin’ good time. It starts with an introduction segment recorded by a drone that’s flying through various school groups, like the cheerleaders, the marching band, and of course, Kindai Girls 2019.

Then it flies in through the double doors, to reveal an enormous indoor stadium, which we soon learn though on-screen text has a complex and advanced video, lighting, and sound system.

Following, we’re shown snippets of performances from throughout the ceremony, such as a song by what appears to be the school choir, a very lively dance and live singing by Kindai Girls 2019, a collaborative performance by the school marching band and cheerleaders, and a heartwarming singing of what sounds like the school song, as everyone on stage and in the audience sways side to side with their arms around each other’s backs.

Of course, there do appear to have been speeches by important members of the faculty and administration, as well as a guest appearance by someone who looks like a motivational speaker. But those details have been overshadowed by what is probably the highlight of the ceremony: a musical performance by Tsunku, a renowned Japanese musician and the producer of the legendary group Morning Musume, a Kindai University graduate who produced the entire ceremony.

It then finishes with a burst of confetti and everyone throwing paper airplanes around the stadium, so you can imagine that this is probably the best entrance ceremony of the 2019 school year. Some who attended the ceremony left comments on the video, saying, “This was so fun. Thank you!” and “It was so good!” Even one self-described Negative Nancy added, “Even I had fun”.

This isn’t the first time Kindai has had such an extravagant opening ceremony, of course; they appear to do it every year, in hopes of encouraging those who haven’t yet decided to go to Kindai to enroll. You can check out their channel and see all the cool stuff they do every year, and feel jealous that you didn’t get to go.

Source, Images: YouTube/Kindai University
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