Why cuddle with a body pillow when you can snuggle with your favorite tuna fish instead?

Japanese retailer Felissimo has a penchant for selling imaginative and whimsical items, and at times, such as with their jellyfish umbrella, the online store also showcases their collaborative spirit. This collaborative spirit has returned with their most recent release of a five-foot tuna that doubles as cover for household linens and comfy tuna-shaped cushions.

For the futon cover and the cushions, Felissimo collaborated with Kindai University’s Aquaculture Research Institute. The institute was the first in the world in 2002 to successfully raise bluefin tuna in captivity, and has also released amusing tuna-related paraphernalia such as this tuna-styled face mask. Felissimo specifically worked towards designing tuna goods that are replicas of the research institution’s captive-grown tuna, also known as “Kindai tuna”, and the first item Felissimo offers for their new Kindai tuna-inspired line-up is a futon cover.

The futon cover is handy in that it can store more than just an unused futon: Felissimo recommends stuffing the fish up with towels and blankets. For folks who live in apartments with little space, the futon cover doubles as both a form of useful storage as well as a plushy cushion you can laze against. Interested buyers of the futon cover can purchase them in two colors, Deep Sea Black (Male) and Ocean Light Blue (Female), and both are priced at 10,670 yen. (US$102.02)

▼ Apartment, stylish furniture, and roommate not included with purchase of tuna futon cover.

▼ The size of the futon cover matches the approximate size a tuna reaches in its third year of growth, and is about 150 centimeters or four feet and 11 inches length-wise.

For those who want something a little more compact, folks can also opt for these smaller tuna-shaped cushions. Compared to the futon cover, the miniature cushions are constructed to match the approximate size a tuna reaches after one year of growth. Folks can use the smaller cushion as either an arm rest while working at the computer or as a pillow. Both the futon cover and the cushions are made out of denim, which offers a mellow but stylish look.

▼ The tuna cushion is about 50 centimeters, or one foot and seven inches long.

▼ To be honest, the cushion looks like a great elbow rest for an arm wrestling competition…

For our bluefin tuna fans, you can purchase the futon cover and/or the cushions on Felissimo’s online sub-store “USEDo.” The futon cover and the cushions are also offered through the Osaka and Ginza outlet of Kindai University’s Aquaculture Speciality Store. And if you need even more tuna in your life, consider learning about the fish’s different parts through this fun and tasty set of chocolate.

Source, images: Felissimo via PR Times
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