We try the Tokyo cheeseburger deemed worthy of being served to a burger-loving president.

Donald Trump is currently in Japan at the moment, and in amongst trade talks, the U.S. President has met with the newly enthroned emperor, played golf with Prime Minister Abe, and presented the winner of the May Grand Sumo Tournament with a special United States President’s Cup.

But really, what we want to know is…what has he been eating while he’s here?

Last year, Trump made headlines for eating a burger from Munch’s Burger Shack in Tokyo, bringing fame and fortune to the small business and prompting them to rebrand the menu item as the “President Trump Set”.

So when Trump landed in the country this time around, we were waiting on the edge of our seats to find out which local burger chain would be selected to present their burger to the U.S. President during his visit.

All was revealed on 26 May, when Trump and Abe had lunch after playing golf, and the two dined on a double cheeseburger from The Burger Shop.

Being intrepid foodies, we called the store and asked them when they would be serving the double cheeseburger that Trump ate. They told us it would be available from 3:00 p.m., so that’s when we headed straight down to Kioicho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, where one of The Burger Shop’s two branches is located.

▼ The Burger Shop is a popular eatery that often has a queue of people outside waiting to get in.

We grabbed a seat after a short wait and took a look at the menu. While there were plenty of choices, including a cheeseburger and options for additional toppings, there was actually no double cheeseburger on the menu, prompting us to wonder if a special “President Trump Burger” might be appearing in future.

When we asked for a double cheeseburger, the staff knew exactly what we were after, telling us that the burger would be put on the menu from 28 May for a limited time, albeit without a presidential moniker.

We didn’t have to wait too long before our meal was served, and when it arrived, it came presented on a plate, with a side of fries and a small salad.

▼ The burger comes as part of a set that includes a drink as well.

We were instantly in love with the look of the burger, which came with the top bun served on the side to really show off the inside of this magnificent beast.

Placing the bun on top added to the height of the burger, and viewing it from the side showed off all its delicious meaty juices. The double-patty-double-cheese cheeseburger looked like a tower of meat and we couldn’t wait to get our mouths around it.

▼ Mmmm…So. Much. Cheese.

The staff told us we could either eat the salad separately or add it to the inside of the burger for a hit of freshness. We thought about it for a moment, wondering “What would Trump do?”

▼ That’s when we decided to push the salad away and enjoy the burger on its own.

Our Japanese-language reporter Seiji got first dibs on the burger, and after gushing over its appearance for a solid five minutes, he finally raised it to his lips for a bite.

After his first bite, Seiji was speechless. Then he took another bite and told us it was one of the best burgers he’d ever tasted. The beef patties were dripping with juices, covering his taste buds in a meaty flavour that sent him to heaven and back, all while the rich cheese and crispy buns played out a perfect harmony with every mouthful.

▼ Now that Seiji’s tried double cheese, he’s never going back to a regular cheeseburger ever again.

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According to The Burger Shop, only 10 of these burgers will be made every day at each of their two outlets from 3:00 p.m.

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こんにちは。 . 昨日、来日中のトランプ大統領と安倍総理に、当店のダブルチーズバーガーを召し上がっていただきました🍔 . 特注のビッグサイズ、USビーフをウェルダンで! とのオーダーでした。 おいしく召し上がっていただけたらうれしいです😆 . 本日、紀尾井町店、池尻店ともに営業しております。 今日も暑いので、おかわり自由の野菜ジュースでしっかり水分補給をしながら、ジューシーなバーガーをお召し上がりくださいー! . #theburgershop #トランプ大統領 #thetrump #tolopantokyo #gormetburger #hamburger #coffee #tokyo #tokyofood #tokyogoumet #instafood #espresso #vegetablejuice #barista #cafe #kioicho #ikejirioohashi #capparkstand #ザバーガーショップ #ハンバーガー #グルメバーガー #池尻大橋 #目黒区 #紀尾井町 #半蔵門 #麹町 #ランチ

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With good quality cheese and two premium-grade beef patties, this burger is definitely fit for a cheeseburger-loving U.S. president. However, it comes with a premium price tag, as each burger set is priced at 2,700 yen (US$24.65).

That’s two times the price of the Colby Jack Cheese Burger Trump dined on in 2017, however it’s still a lot cheaper than some of the other expensive meals enjoyed by world leaders in Japan. Plus, it’s a boon for The Burger Shop, which will no doubt be seeing an increase in business following news of their very high-profile customer.

Restaurant information
Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kioicho, 3-28 Admiral Kioicho 1F
東京都千代田区紀尾井町3−28 ADMIRAL紀尾井町1F
Hours: 11:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri) 12:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. (weekends and public holidays)

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