Would you have a clear conscience when buying melon bread from here?

When it comes to food and willpower, our team of reporters have proven time and time again…that they have none of it. Whether it’s tackling that Meaty Mega-mori Stamina Taro Napolitan pasta dish or forking over 10,000 yen (US$92) worth of extra toppings on spaghetti, our reporters routinely stretch the limits of their stomachs in the name of delivering the most ludicrously entertaining gastronomic journalism.

They would probably be more than happy, then, to visit the following bread stand which would affirm the spirit behind their culinary escapes.

Japanese Twitter user @d_itchou posted a photo of said stand a few days ago where it promptly blew up. The witty name, as noted on the front panel, had caught his immediate attention:

“I hear the devil’s whispering.”

The name of the stand reads “Your diet starts tomorrow.”

@d_itchou went on to clarify that the stand sells melon pan filled with cream and is located before the Central Ticket Gate of Akihabara Station in Tokyo (the Yodobashi Camera side). We have to admit–if any baked good comes close to seducing us enough to throw away our diets altogether for eternity, it would have to be the delightfully fluffy and sweet bread that’s shaped like a melon.

Other net users shared their amusement at the discovery online:

“Whelp, guess I sold my soul to the devil today.”
“This is the era of eating by instincts. Life itself is all about eating delicious things.”
“But then tomorrow the same thing would happen and you’d never be able to escape the endless loop!”
“What if you never planned to diet from the start?”
“Those smiling lips are oddly sinister-looking…”

While throwing your diet aside once in a while is only human, indulging in melon bread every single day would actually be quite unhealthy–so just don’t take this stand’s name too much to heart.

Source: Twitter/@d_itchou via Togetter
Featured image: Pakutaso
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