While guys in the west give gifts to their girlfriends on February 14, Valentine’s Day, other countries have their own courtship customs. For example, in Japan March 14, White Day, is when the guy-to-girl gift-giving takes place.

Meanwhile, in China the special day comes on May 20, since in Chinese the pronunciation of “520” sounds similar to the phrase for “I love you.” However, this May 20 it wasn’t exactly a loving scene that unfolded on one street in Sichuan Province, as shown in the video below.

Almost as soon as the video starts, there’s a fleshy snapping noise as a woman slaps a man full-force in the face. After taking a moment to say a few words and re-cock her arm, she smacks him again, and the process repeats with disturbing consistently. Like clockwork, the man gets hit in the face every six seconds, suggesting that the woman might be repeating the same words to him over and over, chewing him out with some sort of pre-determined mantra, ad through it all he stands rock still, making no effort to deflect her blows or flee the scene.

▼ Alternate angles of the slaps

So what had this woman so upset? Well, apparently she’d told her boyfriend that she wanted a new smartphone for 5-20, and he failed to buy one for her, so she felt the best way to process her disappointment was to strike him repeatedly in front of a crowd on onlookers. Reports say that she slapped her boyfriend a total of 52 times, though it’s unclear if that number was purposely chosen for its similarity to 520, or just because that’s when the angry girlfriend’s arm got tired or when the police finally showed up on the scene and put an end to the public slap-around.

The boyfriend was taken into protective custody, and the girlfriend was taken to the local police station for questioning. She said that she was particularly angry that her boyfriend didn’t buy her a smartphone because she felt like she was owed a lavish present since she’d been financially supporting him, though that just makes you wonder where she expected him to get the money to buy her a phone from.

Also puzzling is the way the boyfriend made no effort to protect his face or otherwise curtail the barrage of palms of fury. After, say, 30 slaps to the face, you’d have to start thinking that maybe this relationship isn’t going to work out, but I guess love is blind…or at least has a hard time seeing anything when you’re getting struck repeatedly near the eye.

Source: News 18 via Niconico News via Jin, Global Times
Top image: Pakutaso
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