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Once a year, lingerie manufacturer Triumph designs a special bra that highlights social trends in Japan. The company shows off each year’s version at a press event, which always has two models, despite the fact that the bras they’re wearing have always been identical.

This year, though, the two-model system is more than just a way of upping the glamorous eye-candy quotient, since the patterns and color on the 2014 bras miraculously change when they’re close to each other.

Two years ago, Triumph decided to remind Japan of the importance of reducing its energy consumption in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami by creating a bra with cooling gel pads tucked inside. Last year, the company got behind the government’s plan to increase Japan’s GDP by two percent with an auspiciously colored gold bra that promised to visually increase bust size by the same amount.

For 2014, Triumph is honoring the bonds women form between one another with the Close Sisters Bras. “The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan,” the company said in a statement.

So, yeah, some of the employees at Triumph are big Frozen fans.

Sure, Disney’s royal sibling-centered hit wasn’t the only film in 2014 to show the love between sisters. A quick glance at the wintery-looking bras, though, plus their models’ regal tiaras, leaves little doubt where the inspiration came from.

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To go along with the bras, Triumph produced two sets of heart-shaped pads. The larger is marked with the kanji character for “big sister,” (姉), and the smaller with the one for “little sister” (妹). The pads can be used separately or together as a set, depending on how much of a bust boost the wearer is looking for.

In addition, there are two sets of straps that can be swapped between the bras.

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In the picture of the two models, you may have noticed that they’re standing with their hips touching, forming a single heart with their skirts. This isn’t just a cute pose, since the material used for the heart, and also the bras’ cups, contains electronic paper which acts as a flexible screen.

Ordinarily, the bras and skirt don’t look like they do in the above photos. The white fields shown above are usually black, and instead of snowflakes, one is simple polka dots, and the other tiny little hearts.

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Once two of the electronic paper sections come into contact with each other, though, their appearances amazingly change to something completely different.

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While coordinating underwear with a friend or sister might seem a bit odd to some, Triumph points to the futago kode trend in Japanese fashion, in which women wear matching outfits to recognize and reinforce their friendship.

Impressive as they may be, the Close Sisters Bras won’t actually be going on sale. As always with Triumph’s extra-imaginative intimate ensembles, they’re just a way to showcase the company’s creative take on fashion innovation, while at the same time using some high-tech methods to remind us of the fundamental value of family and friends.

Source: IT Media
Top image: YouTube (Kyodo News)
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