Japanese lingerie maker aims provide players with sweet, possibly spicy dreams.

In a recent survey by Wacoal, one of Japan’s largest lingerie companies, more than 20 percent of Japanese women said that they have trouble sleeping because their breasts move about when they lie down in bed. In order to provide their chests with comfortable support, Wacoal offers a model called the night up bra, designed to gently cup the breasts during sleep, and now that piece of intimate apparel has inspired a new romance game starring a cast of handsome anime-style men.

Karemin gets its name by combining the Japanese words for “boyfriend” (kareshi) and “sleep” (suimin). The player takes the role of a tired women who attends a seminar on how to get a better night’s sleep, where she meets a team of four young instructors and their equally attractive manager. Together, they offer advice on relaxing pre-sleep rituals, help you select bras and pajamas, virtually lie down next to you and chat as she you drift off to sleep, and wake you up in the morning.

Karemin’s sexy-voiced trailer

The game’s cast is made up of:

▼ Asahi Kawahara (left), a younger brother-type who’s nonetheless willing to pamper the player, and Yuya Yoshida (right), the player’s childhood friend who also has a strong mothering instinct

▼ Wacoal lingerie designer Kei Kimura (left) and pop idol Miyabi Sayo (right)

▼ And finally, mature manager Hayato Shinonome, who’s actually got a sweet tooth and can’t stand bitter green peppers.

Whether spending time with the game’s good-looking cast before bedtime will help players drift easily into slumber or get their hearts racing enough to keep them wide awake will likely vary by individual user, and if you’re curious to see what your own personal results are, the game is available as a free download for Android (here) and iOS devices (here).

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Top image: PR Times
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