Mr. Sato models three different ways to wear these crossover clothes.

With more people working from home than every before these days, the line between workwear and roomwear is blurrier than ever. However, while telecommuting means you can spend most of your workday wearing whatever you want, those pesky video conferences often call for at least business casual attire.

But if you virtual workplace culture isn’t casual enough to let you do video chats while still wearing your pajama, what about a pajama suit? And by that we don’t mean a matching pajama top and bottom, but clothing that looks like a business suit while providing you with all the comfort of pajamas.

That’s the best-of-both-worlds offer from Japanese suit chain Aoki, and it was too tempting for our intrepid reporter Mr. Sato to pass up, so he picked up an Aoki Pajama Suit to try out/on.

The material is a 32-percent lyocell rayon blend, and Mr. Sato immediately noticed that it’s soft and cool to the touch, perfect for the warmer weather that’s on the way in the next few months. The fabric also has a slight shine to it, but it’s classily understated, and not nearly as pronounced as with the fashions he tried on in Tokyo’s Ueno neighborhood a while back,

In keeping with their look-formal-feel-comfy mission, the pants have an elastic waistband for maximum comfort, but also loops for a belt so you can slip one in and look fully dressed-up if you need to.

Starting with the comfort test, sure enough, these are as comfy as a pair of pajamas. The material is light and flexible, and the pants in particular stretch nicely to give you a full range of easy movement.

▼ We don’t recommend trying this with a regular suit.

The Pajama Suit is also comfortable enough to stretch out and sleep in.

▼ Mr. Sato, in the process of literally getting paid to sleep on the job.

Next, let’s take a look at the full-formal results. When paired with a dress shirt and necktie…

…it does the job of looking professional! Granted, the jacket’s collarless design makes it a little on the casual side for a suit, but this would look just fine when you’re on camera with your boss or a client and a T-shirt won’t cut it.

Speaking of casualness, the Pajama Suit is versatile enough to function as non-work outside-the-house clothing too, as evidenced by Mr. Sato’s “young guy out and about in Tokyo” ensemble here.

▼ Totally acceptable for a take-out lunch run.

And should you have the confidence our reporter does, it doesn’t look half-bad when worn shirtless either.

The Pajama Suit jacket and pants are priced at 5,489 yen (US$53) each on Aoki’s online shop here, and slightly lower in physical store locations. Admittedly that’s on the high end for pajamas, but it’s a reasonable price for a suit, and since you can work, relax, and even sleep in it, it really is an outfit you can wear all day long.

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