Samurai warrior designs get a warm-weather overhaul with colourful patterns and unique sheer fabrics.

Kyoto-based fashion label Wazigen Shizukuya is definitely changing the way we view traditional Japanese clothing for men thanks to their unique haori hooded parkas, leather hakama skirt pants and now a colourful summer range filled with splashes of pink and see-through, gauze-like coats. The new collection for summer 2016 features eleven designs, with a number of capes, shawls and jackets included to complement the range.

▼ The grey kosode kimono-sleeved top is made from a cotton and linen blend and retails for 45,000 yen (US$422.75), with the matching navy-blue hakama retailing for 35,000 yen. The coat (65,000 yen) is made from 100 percent polyester, to protect forearms and hands from the sun while bringing a stylish look to the ensemble.


For those who really want to keep cool while watching the summer fireworks, there’s a polyester-and-hemp one piece kimono with wave embellishments for 38,000 yen, with a matching obi waistband for 12,000 yen. For a more colourful look, there’s an unusual transparent coat (46,000 yen) with lashings of pink and orange to bring a tropical look to your choice of kosode and hakama.


The dark colours of this outfit offer a more pared-down look, with a two-tone kosode top (40,000 yen) and checked pants (40,000 yen) made from a breathable linen-and wool fabric.


The outfit below includes some of the lightest fabrics in the collection, with a semi-sheer top (40,000 yen) and peach-coloured hakama skirt pant (35,000 yen). A beautiful dark shawl (70,000 yen) made from lightweight wool helps to protect against cool riverside breezes on a Kyoto night.


To see more designs in the unique collection, be sure to visit the Wazigen Shizukuya official website or Facebook page. If you’re able to afford a garment in the range, you can be confident that these outfits will attract attention wherever you wear them.

Shop information
Wazigen Shizukuya / 和次元 滴や
Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Marutamachi, Minatomachi, Higashisanbongi-dori Agaru 519-4

Source: Japaaan
Images: Wazigen Shizukuya (edited by RocketNews24)