Reporter Seiji is now guitar-strumming rockstar Seiji, makes his debut in England this August

No, we are not kidding.

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We dare Tokyo’s pigeons to crap on us because we think it’ll make us rich【Experiment】

Will our crap investments make us filthy rich, or just filthy? Read on to find out!

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Japanese mythbusting: Is it good luck to stumble upon another person’s poo in a shared toilet?

We put the cold comfort that fecal encounters bring good fortune to the test.

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Six things to avoid doing in the first three days of the Japanese New Year to have the best luck

Keep on the good side of the gods (and maybe cows and pigs too) with these tips.

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Now’s your once-in-12-years chance to order this special $850 pot of pickled plums!

The pickled umeboshi plum is a common food in Japan, but can you guess what makes these plums special enough to warrant a US$850 price tag?

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1.5-meter snake discovered in home, owner couldn’t be happier

On 18 June in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, 48-year-old Kaoru Kurosawa came home to find a 1.5-meter Japanese rat snake on the second floor. Kurosawa quickly took a picture of the serpent before it slithered down a gutter and escaped.

Now, netizens across Japan are heralding this event as a sign of good things to come for Japan or at least for Kurosawa.

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