This Twitter user had to reevaluate a harmless dream journal after it crossed into the waking world.

As someone who has difficulty remembering my dreams, the idea of keeping a dream journal is very tempting. The theory is that you wake up, and before doing literally anything else, write down what fleeting things you can remember from your late-night subconscious slideshow. Apparently the more you do it the easier it becomes to remember – and some people even say it increases the likelihood of lucid dreams!

One woman has given up her dream journal for good, though, and with good reason. This woman is Twitter user @yuki_3_21, or Yuki Mizuta. As an artist who specializes in BL (Boy’s Love), her media feed is rich with sensual depictions of not only her own original characters but also handsome fellows from Yuri on Ice, Tiger and Bunny and Touken Ranbu. One day she posted something a little different to her usual content:

“I just remembered something. When I first moved here I had a lot of spare time on my hands, so for a while I kept a record of all of my dreams. Then one day an unfamiliar woman called out to me in [Tokyo’s] Shinjuku [neighborhood:, and said:

‘Can I talk to you for a moment? You write down your dreams, don’t you? You had better stop doing that. Otherwise your feet are going to fade into nothing…’

I was so scared to hear that that I stopped completely.”

The “fading feet” part is presumably referring to the way ghosts are portrayed in Japanese culture, floating without any visible feet (or even lower legs). What a bone-chilling premonition! And how did this strange woman know about Mizuta’s dream diary?

Her followers flocked to discuss the disturbing anecdote, and even shared their own dream diary experiences. Alongside the cries of “Creepy!” and “I’ve got goose pimples!” were ruminations on dream diaries like this one:

“While keeping a record of your dreams can have many merits, like sharpening your senses, it can also have some undesired effects: like being unable to distinguish between dreams and reality, or an increased difficulty in forgetting painful memories. Trauma can result, and sleep can suffer… It seems like it puts you at increased risk to your mental well-being.”

Others agreed:

“Yeah, back in the olden days people did say it was a bad idea to keep a dream diary.”
“I have dream premonitions too! They say people who can remember their dreams after waking, or those who dream in full color, are likely to have a sixth sense… Maybe you have that kind of sense too, Ms. Yuki? I also heard that if you write down a dream you might get sucked into the world of that dream, and nothing will be left of you in the real world…”

Then again, some people had more frank outlooks on the woman’s strange warning:

“I bet that woman told the same thing to dozens of people every day.”
“Is she an agent of the Matrix?”
“Freud and Jung analyzed people’s dreams for years and they died in their old age, so I think you’ll be fine.”

Considering the regular content of Mizuta’s account, several commenters decided it might not be so bad to be spirited away to one of her fantasy lands. Whether or not there’s any truth to the woman’s creepily accurate advice, it makes for a deliciously spooky story: plenty of replies even thanked Mizuta for making them shiver in the sizzling summer heat!

Source: Twitter/@yuki_3_21 via Hachima Kikou
Top image: Pakutaso
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