Taste-testing the “cheese that gives you weird dreams”【Experiment】

The Japanese Internet is buzzing about this mysterious blue cheese, and as usual, we’re ahead of schedule on the weirdness.

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“The remains of dead dreams” found in Japanese garbage are too painfully real

What happens to a dream deferred?

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Shota no Sushi fan who became sushi chef just earned a Michelin star for his new restaurant

Manga can really inspire you to pursue your dreams!

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Dream Note? Japanese Twitter user convinced to stop logging dreams after nightmarish encounter

This Twitter user had to reevaluate a harmless dream journal after it crossed into the waking world.

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Japanese junior high schooler worries everyone with attempt to traverse America by hitchhiking

Adults worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure his safety.

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Survey shows “YouTuber” among top jobs Japanese kids want when they grow up

Because they want to “make millions” and “not have to study…” 

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Kenyan woman Photoshops herself into photos from China, ends up getting a free trip there

Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is just to pretend you’re already there.

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Finish your bowl and your wildest dreams come true: We visit Yume wo Katare ramen shop in Boston

I’m going to be honest: I’m not a huge fan of going out to eat. It’s expensive, loud, usually not very healthy, and the stress of tip calculation gives me nightmares. In order for me to want to eat out, the place has to be special. It has to offer an experience that I would be unable to get anywhere else.

Yume wo Katare in Boston does just that. It’s an authentic Japanese-style ramen restaurant with a unique twist: you’re supposed to eat your massive bowl of ramen with a dream in your heart, then when you finish, you stand up and announce your dream to everyone inside. The waiters then judge your bowl based on how much you finished, and if you ate a lot then your dream just might come true.

Hearing that, we had to give it a try. So come along with us on our visit to Yume wo Katare!

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Scientists in Japan Succeed in Deciphering Human Dreams

A research team, whose major investors include some of the biggest telecommunications companies in Japan, has announced that it has successfully deciphered the contents of human dreams with high precision by analyzing the human brain’s activity during sleep.

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