People who tower over others often get a great view of the action, but some remember they might be obstructing others in the process.

Being tall as a guy comes with plenty of perks such as having an advantage in many sports, looking leaner, effortlessly reaching anything, and potentially being more sexually attractive to members of the opposite sex.

But when it comes to things like live concerts, where taller than average people are granted a fantastic view of the stage, their boon can sometimes be a detriment to others by obscuring people behind them. Twitter user @Campaign_Otaku, however, found an interesting image of a considerate attendee who apparently apologized for his towering stature in advance.

▼ Being head and shoulders above others isn’t all
sunshine and rainbows. (Translation below)

“Tall people who stand in the front rows of a live concert ought to wear T-shirts like this. What a respectful Dutch.”

The post gathered a ton of likes as Japanese netizens found the situation hilarious yet a little depressing depending on which perspective they took:

“He can’t help being so tall, but it’s still bothersome with someone like that right in the middle.”
“That’s something I want to gift my friends who are over 190 centimeters (6.2 feet) tall.”
“Back when I was still in school, I was placed at the front of the class and blocking everyone else, so I had to hunch all the time.”
“I need this as I’m 191 centimeters myself.”
“I want something like that, too! Something along the lines of, ‘I’m sorry, but I won’t give up my place’ would be perfect.”

Be it a movie theater or live concert, tall people are entitled to be in the middle with the best views just like everybody else, and T-shirts like these are a good way to defuse a situation that might otherwise get out of hand. Just make sure you choose the right words to use.

Source: Twitter/@Campaign_Otaku via Twicolle
Featured image: Twitter/@Campaign_Otaku

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