Hong Kong protesters apologizing for airport disruption strikes a chord with Japanese netizens

The fight for human rights goes on, but these considerate people have earned a ton of respect from some Japanese people.

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Tall concert attendee wears T-shirt apologizing for his height, gains approval from netizens

People who tower over others often get a great view of the action, but some remember they might be obstructing others in the process.

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Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for “causing commotion”

”You didn’t do anything wrong!” shout fans as management confirms attackers were helped by information provided by another idol.

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TEPCO in hot water for use of tasteless hashtag in recent tweet about Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japanese net users upset over the power company’s use of a slang term commonly found in anime.

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One Piece manga creator’s joke about World War II soldier prompts official apology from publisher

Anime/manga legend Eiichro Oda’s joke about fried chicken touches a raw historical nerve.

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Japanese worker orders bento lunch, gets punished with televised apology and docked pay

People are saying this is Japanese workplace culture gone mad.

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Japanese train company issues official apology for “inexcusable” 25-second early departure

Because 25 seconds early is not the same as right on time.

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Unsatisfied customer returns “moldy” Japanese cracker to company, receives an essay in return

Netizens are impressed with how manufacturer admits fault and tackles the problem scientifically.

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Tokyo train company’s apology for 20-second-early departure is one of the best things about Japan

Taking the time to sincerely think about the question “Who cares?” after a minor screw-up is part of what makes life in Japan great.

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Hulu Japan to give all customers 1,000-yen apology for recent problems

In response to the flood of complaints over past weeks, Hulu is has decided to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to contrition.

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Public outrage after celebrity mother apologizes for son’s alleged crime, gets grilled by media

What was meant to be a brief but shameful public apology by the parent of a rape suspect turned into a lengthy feeding frenzy by the media.

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Live-action Dragonball Evolution scriptwriter: “I sincerely apologize”

Anime fans have been seething for over half a decade about the Hollywood adaptation of the martial arts classic, but maybe this will finally cool their rage.

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Makers of frozen snack sincerely apologize for a 9-cent price increase

The maker’s of Japan’s famous ice candy Garigari-kun released an ad apologizing for a 9-cent price increase, and I still haven’t heard jack from my insurance company.

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J-League player Kim apologizes to opponent after stepping on his face during recent match

You may have heard about an incident that occurred during a J-League soccer match last week between the Kashima Antlers and Sagan Tosu which caused a great deal of furor online. Min-Hyeok Kim, a South Korean player for Tosu stepped on the face of one of his opponents, Mu Kanazaki, when the latter fell to the ground during a battle for the ball. The incident sparked some worryingly racially charged comments online in Japan, despite the fact that most soccer fans weren’t especially upset by it — for them, the problem was solved the moment the yellow card and free kick were given by the referee.

Perhaps to placate the angry online mobs or maybe just because he’s actually not a bad guy, Kim visited Kanazaki this week and apologized for stepping on his face during the game.

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Fashion store LUMINE’s video for working women fails big time, results in boycott hashtag

First Ladies Michelle Obama and Akie Abe have finally met for the first time and have been enjoying each other’s company this past week. They are both powerful women who are continually working for women around the world to have larger, more active roles in both government and business, so it was fantastic to see them launching new programs in support of women. Each year we take steps to make the world a more equal place and 2015 doesn’t seem to show any signs of being any different.

Japanese department store chain LUMINE has claimed that they also wish to support working women and released two short videos to show that. But instead of empowering and encouraging women, people are finding the videos extremely offensive and are criticizing them harshly. How bad could they be?

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Korean Air chairman admits he failed to raise his ‘nut-rage’ daughter properly

On Friday, Korean Air and Hanjin Group chairman Cho Yang-ho bowed apologetically and blamed himself for the outlandish behavior of his eldest daughter and former airline executive Heather Cho.

The younger Cho landed in hot water last week after she ordered a flight she was on to return to its gate at New York’s JFK International Airport. Why? To kick off the head flight attendant due to unhappiness over how she was served macadamia nuts.

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Pay Japan’s apology agencies to say “I’m sorry” when it’s just too hard to do it yourself

It’s a problem we all have to deal with at various points in our lives. We like to think we’re perfect and have it all figured out, but in reality no one is above making mistakes in their personal or professional lives. But it’s in these mistakes that through the humiliation of making amends to those we wronged we grow a little and become a better person as a result.

However, now thanks to a new line of business in Japan you don’t have to! Why go through all that painful guilt and general ickiness of facing up to the fact you’ve wronged someone when you can just pay someone else to do it for you? This way you can get back to the important things in life, like your golf swing or finally finishing that watercolor you were working on.

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Japan reacts to champion motorcyclist’s “tribute” to Japanese people

Spanish grand prix motorcycle champ, Marc Marquez, showed up to the 2013 Moto GP held in Motegi City, Tochigi Prefecture wearing what he thought was an acceptable design giving a shout-out to his fans in Japan. He posted the picture above on his Twitter with the caption (written in Spanish), “Special helmet and shirt for a special GP in Japan, at home!!! ;) Do you like?” It turns out, many people around the world don’t like it. However, an overwhelming amount of Japanese netizens don’t seem to understand why so many people are getting upset about the design.

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Animal Crossing 3DS Countrywide Shortage Prompts Terrified Apology from Nintendo Boss

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, or Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori as it’s known here in Japan, has officially become Japan’s most wanted videogame, but not simply because of high sales figures.

The game, which allows you to customize and decorate your home or otherwise while away hours at a time exploring a town populated with cute anthropomorphic animals, has been literally impossible to get hold of since the end of November, with staff in electronics stores across Japan simply shrugging their shoulders when asked when they’re expecting to receive new stock.

Despite incredible demand for the title, with the problem “unlikely to be fixed any time soon,” president of Nintendo Japan Satoru Iwata took to the stage this week to apologise to consumers in an official statement punctuated with plenty of long, deep bows and, for the briefest of moments, an expression of absolute terror.

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