2022 Uniqlo global T-shirt contest reveals winning designs of Snoopy and the gang

The 11 winning entries were selected from 14,000 total submissions centered around Peanuts characters and will go on sale later this month.

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Quit screwing around do some work, commands Goku in latest Dragon Ball fashion item

Four new T-shirts drawn from the various series of the Dragon Ball universe will soon be on their way to fans’ closets.

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Tall concert attendee wears T-shirt apologizing for his height, gains approval from netizens

People who tower over others often get a great view of the action, but some remember they might be obstructing others in the process.

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Uniqlo x McDonald’s T-shirt range function as 100 yen Big Mac discount coupons

Uniqlo has teamed up with McDonald’s for a special T-shirt which will get you a discounted Big Mac whenever you’re wearing it!

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This old Pokémon shirt is pretty terrifying

This is supposed to be a light-hearted series for kids, right?

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Want everyone to lick their lips when they look at you? This curry shirt will have them drooling

Is that a carrot in your curry or are you just happy to see me?

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Ninja Slayer wants to turn you into ninjas – 12 step process, no training required    

If there’s still a ninja-shaped hole in your heart where the recently climaxing Naruto used to be, perhaps we can interest you in some sci-fi cyberpunk ninjas?

With a new anime set to start streaming on April 16, the people behind Ninja Slayer want everyone to release their inner warrior, and they’ve got some shiny new merchandise to help you get in the mood. And if you happen to have lost your entire family to a ninja turf war recently, you too can become a ninja slayer! Find out how after the jump.

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Ever wondered what Steve Jobs would look like as a cute Japanese girl?

No, me neither, but now you can get just that on a T-shirt!

If you’ve been looking for the right way to express your admiration for Apple’s legendary CEO, wait no longer! Now you can get the genderswitched Jobs shirt you’ve always wanted! From the illustrator of IS <Infinite Stratos> and the Xenosaga series, this merchandise for unlikely mash-up manga Chocolate Apple has been years in the making.

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Become your favorite Sailor Scout with new Sailor Moon T-shirts!

Many of us girls, who grew up with magical girl anime, held tight to the fantasy that we too could become a super-powered Sailor Scout and fight evil in the name of the moon. Well, dig those magic rods and transformation toys out of the closet, because it’s not too late to transform! In conjunction with the upcoming anime and the recent Sailor Moon Musical, Premium Bandai has begun accepting pre-orders for a new line of Sailor Scout T-shirts that promise to turn you into a Sailor Scout just by putting one on!

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