Gift from an otaku gives this woman a buxom bosom front-on, but from the side it’s a different story. 

Back in 2017, a new optical illusion T-shirt appeared on the market, featuring a specially designed grid pattern on the front to create the illusion of large breasts. 

Like the booty-enhancing magical jeans in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, the shirt had the power to enhance anyone’s chest, regardless of who wore it — a point proven by the male members of our Japanese-language reporting team.

Now the shirt has re-emerged again, this time modelled by Mona Fujimiya, the youngest member of Japanese idol group Kirameki Unforent, in a tweet that’s since gone viral.

21-year-old Fujimi, or Monachi as she’s known to fans, gave her followers a look at the power of the optical illusion T-shirt with two photos, one taken from a front-on angle, and another showing the side profile. The difference is extraordinary.

“The feeling when an otaku gives you this as a present.”

Monachi may have been pleased with the present when it was first given to her, but after seeing the side-on view, the gift suddenly became bittersweet. However, she now says she can withdraw from the “tiny breasts division” of the idol group, while mentioning lightheartedly that she was the only member in that division.

Monachi may be less amply endowed than the shirt lets on, but she’s not ashamed to show the truth that lies behind the illusion, and for that she’s earned even more love and respect from her fans.

“You’re cute either way!”
“Mesmerised by your optical illusion.”
“True admiration for you!”
“This is exactly why I love Monachi.”
“I like the sideways view better!”

It just goes to show that you don’t have to have big breasts to be adored by fans. However, if you do want a boost in the chest department, this shirt, and some bolder designs with cleavage cut-outs, really is the fastest way to achieving the breasts of your dreams.

Source: Jin 
Top image: Pakutaso
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