Balloons don’t just move on their own, right?

If you’ve watched any ghost hunting show ever aired on TV, then you’ll probably know a few things about ghosts, like they take all kinds of forms (but are too crafty to ever be caught on camera in a clear and telling form), and they often inhabit old hospitals, mental asylums, and prisons. I mean, why wouldn’t they, when those are places of untold anger, despair, suffering, and death?

Take this old former clinic in Hiroshima Prefecture, for example, which Twitter user @168_pla tweeted about recently. It’s clearly haunted, because balloons that are floating on the ceiling, without moving, don’t just float off down the hall one by one without ghost children to play with them.

@168_pla was at an art event at the former Fujibayashi Clinic in Kure City, southern Hiroshima Prefecture, when they noticed a single balloon drift away from the others, out of the room and down the hall to rest with its string touching the floor, at the perfect level for a ghost child to be holding it. The netizen says the other balloons weren’t moving at all, and there was no wind, but it was still bobbing in the air as if there was. There’s no reason why one balloon would float down to the ground when all the others stay where they are, never mind move down the hall.

But it gets stranger. @168_pla was trying to enjoy the event when another balloon drifted down, passed between them and another guest, and out into the hall to join the other one. The other guest said nervously, “It looks like it’s alive…” which was followed by a spooky silence.

And then it even dropped down to the ground and hovered there long enough for @168_pla to take a picture of it!

Here is a video of it, posted 20 minutes later, swaying in the non-existent breeze. You might even notice that the first balloon has moved even farther back than before, and the little card attached to the bottom of its string is lying flat on the ground now, as if someone is standing on it.

Of course, non-believers will have plenty of so-called “rational” explanations for it. “The balloons are just running out of helium,” they’d say, or “There must be an AC vent making them drift.” If that’s so, then why did only two balloons move? Why were only two of them losing air? And why, pray-tell, did @168_pla later learn that three other balloons had mysteriously traveled up to the second floor?

No, the only “rational” explanation has got to be ghost children playing with the balloons. The flyer for the event, which is called “E to Ie” meaning “Art and Home”, explains that this former clinic is in the process of being renovated into an event and lodging space, and everyone who’s ever watched a ghost hunting show knows that making changes to a place is bound to stir up any spirits residing there.

Hopefully these aren’t the vengeful spirits of children, or the spectral remains of Japan’s most evil demon or whatever haunts the ruins of the unfinished hotel in Okinawa, and no one will be cursed after participating in events there.

Well, if you live in Japan and you’re worried about randomly encountering evil entities, you could always just wear these tights to protect yourself. Better to be safe than sorry!

Source: Twitter/@168_pla via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@186_pla

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