Japanese pizza chain releases spooky Zombie Pizzas for Halloween

Aoki’s Pizza is back at it again with their annual zombie pizza.

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Mysterious guest house opens in Kyoto, features 11 different bizarre rooms full of oddities

Includes a room where you can adjust its “scare factor” and one that lets you speak with the deceased.

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Could it be a ghost? Video of a floating rock in a Japanese cemetery spooks Japanese Twitter

The small rock bounced and spun around in the air for almost two minutes, even after being caught and touched by a person.

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Is this old clinic in Hiroshima haunted? Ask the ghosts inside who are playing with balloons

Balloons don’t just move on their own, right?

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Our Japanese language reporter P.K. offers a spooky tale, advice to protect yourself from spirits

It’s best to be ready for the Halloween season!

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Newest virtual YouTuber is actually a rotting zombie with a cute voice, has a slug for a pet

Believe it or not, this undead YouTuber is actually bad at dealing with spooky stuff.

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Japanese ghosts are real! Terrifying face appears in curtains, shocks Japanese Twitter【Pics】

Do you feel like you’re being watched?

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Cute but creepy exploration game set in Japan releasing in time for Halloween on PS Vita

Are you afraid of the dark? Most children are, but as we get older we get used to going out at night and start to realize that the world during the twilight hours is the same as during the day, only a bit darker.

But that lingering fear of the darkness often remains somewhere deep inside, forgotten but never entirely gone. Bring those fears back to the fore again this Halloween with Yomawari, a cute but creepy new game for the PlayStation Vita.

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Can you spot the ghostly figure in this spooky seaside snap?

Takeshima is a picturesque spot off the coast of Aichi Prefecture. Connected to the mainland by a 387-metre (1,270-foot) causeway, the tiny island is covered in lush greenery, and the only building is a shrine in the centre, which is said to be almost 900 years old.

But after one Twitter user uploaded some photos from a recent trip to the island, other netizens were quick to point out something rather creepy about one of the snaps. Let’s see if you can spot it!

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