It’s back, everyone! Get ready to crush your opponents in the name of exercise.

One of the best-selling games of its time, Wii Fit provided countless hours of entertainment to players by cleverly using the console’s unique remote controller, the Wii Board, and a huge variety of fun games that involved lots of body movement. The game has slowly faded from popularity since its release 13 years ago, but scenes of feverishly swinging virtual table tennis rackets and snowboarding down white mountains remain clear in our minds.

The good news is that the addictive fitness party game appears to be making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch, as shown in a YouTube video uploaded onto the official Nintendo channel.

▼ Our bodies are ready!

Although no title havs been revealed whatsoever, anyone who has played the original Wii Fit would immediately recognize the amount of movement involved in the game.

▼ Because really, what game out there makes you do something like this?

Assuming that it is indeed a “Switch Fit”, the new accessory for the program would likely be the durable black plastic ring to which a Joy-Con controller is attached.

▼ Perhaps used to drive vehicles or shoot arrows with.

▼ The other half of the controller goes into a thigh strap for accurate motion detection.

▼ Never broke a sweat playing a game you say? Meet Switch Fit.

Japanese netizens were hyped up for its release:

“They’re making us healthy again!”
“Nintendo’s seriously going for it.”
“Not into yoga, so any kind of muscle training exercise would be awesome.”
“I hope the ring can withstand abuse.”
“There’s archery, backstroke, relay, and weight lifting. Maybe Olympic-related activities?”

Indeed, it would be a fantastic opportunity to include some activities that tie into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and allow players to compare their performances with professional athletes, though it’s still too early to say. Nevertheless, fans of the original fitness game will be thrilled to see the Switch Fit making its mark on the world yet again, and though there will be sore arms and aching muscles from all that twisting and turning, we assure you it will be worth it.

Source: YouTube/Nintendo via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Nintendo

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