Tokyo 2020

British Olympic team sends heartfelt message to Tokyo one year before the opening ceremony

Tear-jerking video draws striking parallels between the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 2020 Games now scheduled for 2021.

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Pretty Cure fans stoked to see four Pretty Cure characters represented on Tokyo 2020 merchandise

Unlike the other franchises picked to be Tokyo Olympics spokescharacters, Pretty Cure is represented by many characters!

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Tokyo governor promotes silly Olympics umbrella hat, refuses to wear one herself

Tokyo governor sticks to silly hat plan, seemingly refuses to get on board herself.

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Coca-Cola gears up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with crazy tall vending machine in Japan

Want a bottle of coke? You’ll have to jump for it!

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McDonald’s Japan gets into the spirit of the games with new Tokyo 2020 Olympics tumblers

The three new designs give us a sneak peek at what McDonald’s has in store for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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Japanese netizens proud to see Tokyo named safest city in the world, Osaka number three

Japan had plenty to boast last week when Tokyo was named as the safest city in the world by The Economist, with Osaka coming in a respectable third. Netizens were proud that even with Tokyo’s famously terrible (and sometimes dangerous) commutes and Osaka’s penchant for strange crimes, the two cities stood out to claim top spots among some of the largest cities in the world.

Click below to find out what made the two Japanese cities rank so high and which other cities made the list!

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Nihon-no: Is an entirely English-speaking village coming to Tokyo?

What is the best way to learn a language? Many foreign people in Japan will tell you living here and being immersed in Japanese is a pretty good way to pick up the lingo. When you realize you have to be able to speak and understand the language in order to live your daily life, it certainly becomes a huge motivation to make the Japanese language your own.

Do you know what isn’t a particularly good method of learning a language? Four classes a week of language learning taught in your native language with little to no chances to utilize what you’ve learned.

As the whole world knows, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020, and Tokyo wants to be as prepared as possible. The city is trying to do everything it can to improve its citizens’ grasp of English, and there is now talk of plans to create an “English Village” where everything will be conducted in the language so many Japanese wish they were fluent in.

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