Reeves took in some contemporary art with rumoured girlfriend Alexandra Grant in the heart of the Japanese countryside. 

It’s been two years since Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves came to Japan on official business, which means it’s been two years since we made a fool of ourselves during our one-on-one interview with him in Tokyo back in 2017.

And while many big-name celebrities fly in and out of the Japanese capital during press junkets without seeing much of the countryside, Keanu is a big ‘ol Japanophile, so after landing in Tokyo last week ahead of the local premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, he stopped by to say hello to Hideo Kojima…

▼ Wrote a message on the Kojima Productions message board that said “Save us Hideo!“…

▼ And then headed out to the countryside to explore a rural art island called Teshima.

While Reeves is known for keeping a low profile, he can’t go anywhere without being recognised, and that was the case on the tiny island of Teshima, when a fan spotted him and shared these photos online.

It appears that Reeves was enjoying the art scene on Teshima and nearby Naoshima with his rumoured girlfriend Alexandra Grant — also in Japan right now — who shared photos of the islands on her Instagram account.

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I have long dreamed of visiting Teshima Art Museum by architect Ryue Nishizawa and the experience did not disappoint… I loved watching people relax and meditate on the light inside the structure… the wind passing through… the oval windows revealing sky and clouds… the water droplets in Rei Naito's sculpture. What makes a space sacred and/or healing? They don't allow cameras or shoes inside so these are the exterior and nearby rice paddies restituted by the Benesse Foundation. From their website: "Uniting the creative visions of artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Art Museum stands on a hill on the island of Teshima overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. The museum, which resembles a water droplet at the moment of landing, is located in the corner of a rice terrace that was restored in collaboration with local residents. Structurally, the building consists of a concrete shell, devoid of pillars, coving a space 40 by 60 meters and with a maximum height of 4.5 meters. Two oval openings in the shell allow wind, sounds, and light of the world outside into this organic space where nature and architecture intimately interconnect. In the interior space, water continuously springs from the ground in a day long motion. This setting, in which nature, art and architecture come together with such limitless harmony, conjures an infinite array of impressions with the passage of seasons and the flow of time." #teshimaartmuseum

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Grant and Reeves have been friends for years but have been spotted by each other’s side more often at recent events.

44-year-old Grant is an artist who first worked with Reeves in 2011 when they published a picture book for adults called Ode to Happiness. In 2016 they created a second book together, Shadows, which contains silhouette photos of Reeves taken by Grant.

▼ Today Grant spent time exploring TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo’s Odaiba district.

On the journey back to Tokyo, Reeves met up with Fagassent designer and denim specialist Toshiki Aoki in Okayama, an area that’s famous for its long and revered history of denim production.

Reeves is now scheduled to appear in Tokyo this evening for the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, where he will be joined by the film’s director Chad Stahelski and Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, whose song “Ninja Re Bang Bang” can be heard playing in the background during a sushi bar scene in the movie.

Incidentally, Reeves isn’t the only big-name celebrity in Japan right now, as Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen has also been getting out and about in Kyoto.

▼ The one thing the two stars have in common? Hideo Kojima.

With Reeves set to star as Johnny Silverhand in the upcoming role-playing video game Cyberpunk 2077, we can’t help but wonder if his recent visit to Kojima Productions is hinting at a possible future collaboration.

Either way, we’re here for anything that Reeves is bringing us, whether it be action-packed Hollywood blockbusters, indie art films, or adult picture books. After all, this is the guy who shook hands with a motorbike-riding Japanese mascot in Mie Prefecture back in 2015. Anyone who does that is truly a star in our book!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@keanuplanet via Instagram/tasteandsee_d_world 
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