As Japan continues to bake in soaring temperatures, Tokyo 2020 Olympic and government officials have begun discussing measures to avert heatstroke cases during the Olympics which will run for two weeks from July 25, 2020.

There has already been criticism over the fact that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held during the often brutal Japanese summer months, sparking a great deal of worry for participants and spectators alike, who, while outdoors for extended periods of time, may suffer from heatstroke.

The Environment Ministry is planning to install special water sprinkler systems on the tracks and other areas in an effort to fight the scorching heat, TV Asahi reported Thursday. The ministry is also proposing the construction of special roads that absorb large amounts of rain water and through the evaporation of the water into the atmosphere, force the temperature to drop significantly, thus further preventing heatstroke and other ailments during the Games.

Compared to when the Games were held in Tokyo nearly 50 years ago, the average summer temperature has increased approximately 1.3 degrees centigrade.

Environment Minister Nobuteru Ishihara told reporters, “I want the world to experience all the technological and engineering marvels that Japan has to offer.”

Japan Today

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