For days when the traditional tonkotsu ramen just won’t cut it.

At SoraNews24, we’ve been telling you about all kinds of unique and strange ramen recently, like piranha ramen and lobster ramen, so we figured you’d also like to know about a more traditional addition to the savory noodle family.

Ramen chain Bankara, originating in Tokyo, is known throughout the ramen community as a place to grab a bowl of cheap, savory, and fatty ramen. They’re best known for their tonkotsu soy sauce ramen, rich in pork back fat. Now, Bankara has stepped up their back fat game.

On September 10, Bankara unveiled their latest dish “Strong Ramen,” the ultimate, savory ramen experience that combines Japan-produced back fat with thick ramen noodles.

▼ While some people cringe at the idea of that much fat, it’s what tonkotsu ramen fans go wild for.

Bankara’s Strong Ramen comes in five styles varying in intensity and price. Not all prices are the same across stores, but we do have a ballpark estimate of how much you can expect to pay. You can get the standard Strong Ramen (860 yen, or USD$7.95), Strong Ramen with eggs (960 yen), Strong Ramen with stewed cube pork (1,160 yen), Mega Strong Ramen with stewed cube pork (1,460 yen), and Mega Strong Ramen with stewed cube pork MAX (1,660 yen).

▼ The standard Strong Ramen is literally brimming with fatty goodness.

▼ Strong Ramen with eggs includes one chicken egg and five tiny quail eggs.

In case you’re curious, the Mega Strong Ramen with stewed cube pork MAX is a combination of the Strong Ramen with stewed cube pork and the Strong Ramen with eggs. You can also get extra vegetables, garlic, and fat for free!

▼ Mega Strong Ramen is for days when you need a mega-filling and mega-savory meal.

We should warn you that it seems not all Bankara stores are offering this deal, so do check ahead before you decide to take on this ramen.

Need something to wash it down? Follow this up with a bowl of tapioca bubble tea ramen.

Sources and images: PR Times
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