tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu ramen potato chips coming from Japan’s most popular Hakata ramen chain

Ippudo celebrates its 35th anniversary by thinking outside the box/noodle bowl.

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We try out Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Ramen Pizza, try to figure out its national identity

Pizza Hut has stretched the limits of the form with ramen pizza, so we grabbed a bowl. Er, slice.

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Sting returns to Japan, heads straight for tonkotsu ramen in Fukuoka

You can take the ramen-loving singer out of Japan, but you can’t take away the singer’s love for ramen.

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Ramen Bankara unveils their heartwarming and stomach-filling “Strong Ramen!”

For days when the traditional tonkotsu ramen just won’t cut it.

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Japanese ramen cocktail uses tonkotsu pork broth for alcoholic noodle flavour

A delicious recipe for ramen lovers to make at home.

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Ramen chain Ippudo to launch first shop in France, teaming up with famous fashion designer

Ramen, which despite its origins many now consider to be one of the national dishes of Japan, seems to have steadily grown in popularity and recognition outside the country as well, with an increasing number of ramen establishments opening in locations such as Singapore, London, New York, Los Angeles and even the Netherlands in recent years.

Now, one of the most successful ramen chains in Japan, Hakata Ippudo—often simply referred to simply as “Ippudo”—will be venturing into a brave new culinary frontier as they open their very first shop in Paris, France, this December. We can imagine it has to be pretty exciting and challenging for a foreign-based restaurant to open shop in the country that gave us the Michelin Guide, and it also looks like we can look forward to some fashionable collaborations to commemorate Ippudo’s foray into one of the gourmet capitals of the world!

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