The angelic and devilish ramen sweets are ready to satisfy all our cravings at once.

Korakuen is one of Japan’s most popular ramen chains, proudly serving noodles to customers since the 1960s. That doesn’t mean that Korakuen is afraid of trying new things, which is how we were gifted with such wonders as deep-fried ramen croquettes and ramen-flavor fried chicken.

And now, with Valentine’s Day coming up, Korakuen is set to start serving two special kinds of ramen to celebrate the season of love, and specifically the season of love for chocolate.

Joining the Korakuen meu this week are a pair of chocolate ramen temptations. While chocolate ramen has become something of an annual tradition at the chain, Korakuen says that its goal for 2021 was to create chocolate ramen that’s even more delicious than the 2020 version, and has partnered with Japanese confectioner Lotte to make that happen.

The Devil’s Chocolate Ramen, pictured above, starts off with Korakuen’s standard soy ramen broth, which is then enhanced with cocoa oil. Aside from such familiar toppings as chashu pork and green onion, you also get a bar of chocolate and grated ginger.

There’s also the Angel’s White Chocolate Ramen, which is based on Korakuen’s shio (salt) broth. This time the ingredient list’s guest stars are cocoa oil and cream, with a white chocolate bar topping and no ginger.

▼ The Lotte partnership means your bowl of chocolate ramen also comes with a sticker like the ones included with Lotte’s Bikkuriman chocolates.

Both chocolate ramen varieties are priced at 640 yen (US$6.20), and if you need a second helping of chocolate, you can order a broth refill for an extra 100 yen. They’ll be available from January 28 to February 17, so even if you’ve got fancier dinner plans than ramen for Valentine’s Day itself, there’s still plenty of time to try both.

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Source: PR Times via Entabe
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