”I’m interested in women’s butts.”

On September 5, Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers arrested 35-year-old Yuki Endo, who had broken into an apartment in the capital’s Machida district. According to investigators, Endo had infiltrated the home in order to steal panties, after previously stealing two pairs of panties that were hanging to dry outside a separate first-floor apartment in the area.

Realizing that Endo had a particularly strong desire to acquire women’s lower-half undergarments, officers searched his home and discovered 78 pairs of pilfered panties. In giving his official statement, Endo told investigators “I did it for sexual satisfaction and thrills,” while also showing that he’s pretty into the part of the body which panties are meant to be worn over by adding “I’m interested in women’s butts.”

But while Endo is fessing up to filching a veritable mountain of panties, he made it absolutely clear that he has never had any criminal intent regarding the other half of a full set of lingerie, explaining:

“I only stole panties. I have no interest in bras.”

Oddly enough, no reports mention officers finding any bras during their search of his home. In other words, Endo’s denial of interest in bras seems to stem not from any desire to mitigate the severity of the charges he’s facing, but simply because he really, really wants the police to know exactly where his preferences lie. It’s unclear why Endo wanted them to know that, but his stark division of interest is now a matter of official record, which will perhaps be of some sort of warped comfort to him during his likely string of upcoming slam-dunk convictions for panty theft.

Source: Tele Asa News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso/SoraNews24
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