“Oh, okay. No problem. If that’s why you did it, no big deal!”

Japan is no stranger to unfortunate crimes of perversion, but typically when the perpetrator is caught, they’re honest about what they did and why.

For example, the man who peed in a coworker’s drink bottle because he liked her confessed that… well, he peed in her bottle because he liked her.

▼ Or the guy who only stole panties and never a single bra,
because he “doesn’t have any interest in bras.”

But sometimes they don’t want to admit what they’ve done, such as what happened with a recent case at an elementary school in Gunma Prefecture.

Hirotoshi Ono, a 28-year-old male teacher who worked at the school, was arrested for leaving his smartphone in the girls changing room and recording with it. It was apparently hidden inside the cover of a dictionary, and police investigated after being contacted by the school principal.

While Hirotoshi has admitted to leaving the smartphone inside the girls changing room, he also said this regarding why he did it:

“I put it there in case there were any problems in the changing room.”

That certainly sounds like a desperate excuse from someone clinging to the last thread of plausible deniability, and Japanese netizens tended to agree:

“Did he actually think that excuse makes any sense?”
“Oh, okay. No problem. If that’s why you did it, no big deal!”
“That’s not even okay if it was the truth!”
“It feels like there’s been more of these kinds of crimes involving teachers lately.”
“Can we get a shoutout for the awesome principal though?”

That is true. Despite these unfortunate crimes, it’s important to remember the good people doing their best to help out. Like the woman who helped finally take down the laundromat panty thief after he’d stolen over 700 pairs of underwear.

Source: NHK News Web via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso (Edited by SoraNews24)

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