Japanese minimalist retailer Muji launches new set of disaster preparedness kits

Like all things Muji, minimalism and only having what’s necessary are key here.

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Do you really need to wear toilet slippers when using the bathroom at home? Japan’s netizens vote

And a housecleaning expert weighs in!

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Pokémon Shirts releases two styles of customizable aprons with all 151 Kanto Pokémon designs

New aprons are here for completing your home cooking, gardening, and other household chores in perfect Poké-style.

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Pandemic life hack: This Muji wet tissue box is perfect for storing disposable masks

That is, if you can get your hands on it.

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How to make your own moving conveyor belt sushi shop at home

Miss going out to eat? Bring the fun home with the help of some takeout and toy trains.

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Daiso will help you warp your reflection with a psychedelic infinity mirror for under five bucks!

Japan’s economical provider of weird products does it again, with a battery powered infinity mirror light. Who doesn’t need one of those?

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“Tidying up” master Marie Kondo sparks controversy, not joy, by opening online knick-knack shop

The guru of de-cluttering your home now wants you to buy products to clutter your home with.

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Japanese government releases checklist to help people protect their homes against Typhoon Hagibis

Follow these tips to minimize damage to your home, stay safe, and prepare for a massive cyclone.

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Studio Ghibli hanko personal seal stands are here to enliven your mundane daily tasks

These adorable name stamp stands will make you want to stamp your name on everything in sight! 

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Giant engraved sword is also a Japanese nameplate (plus most awesome home fixture ever)

If your home truly is your castle, you’ll want this at the entrance to your realm.

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Japan finally bottles “the scent of a cat’s forehead”—now available to spray on your belongings!

After four months of development, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has finally captured the scent of a cat’s forehead in a bottle. 

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Why squash bugs when you can trap them in this cool vacuum gun?

Humidity-loving bugs are just as much a part of a Japanese summer as fireworks festivals and barley tea. Dealing with the creepy crawly intruders in your home isn’t always easy, though, especially if you’ve got an aversion to touching them. Sure, you can use bug spray instead of doing the dirty work of squashing them yourself, but you’ll still have to use your hands to pick up the carcass and dispose of it after the poison takes effect.

Luckily, though, your options aren’t entirely limited to sharing your living space with bugs or touching them, in the form of this bug-sucking vacuum gun.

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Deodorizing toilet paper hits the Japanese hat trick of cute animals, cleanliness, and puns

Isn’t it infuriating when you run into one of those completely pompous people who strut around like their poo doesn’t stink? Seriously, there’s just no excuse for that sort of behavior, because everyone’s poo stinks. Even in Japan, all that delicious food doesn’t make anyone’s toilet deposits smell any better.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to smell bad, too, especially with these two new types of deodorizing toilet paper, which come in adorable packages decorated like cats and dogs.

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Man buys and remodels trashed home, astounds us with before and after pictures

There was a point in time when you could turn on the TV at any time of day and find at least three home remodeling shows playing. I personally had no idea why they were so freaking popular…but I think I’m finally starting to get it after seeing these photos.

One ambitious Japanese man, named Makoto, bought an old, junked-out house with rotten floorboards, clogged pipes, and filled with trash for 1,950,000 yen–about US$19,500–and over the course of six months turned into one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Japanese Internet users were amazed by the transformation–and you will be too!

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This Rilakkuma-themed sofa is soft on your bottom, hard on your wallet

Rilakkuma, whose name is a combination of the words “relax” and “kuma” (meaning bear in Japanese), is one of Japan’s more deserving popular characters. Created back in 2003, the lazy little bear with a zip on his back became an instant hit with a series of picture books and cuddly toys, and continues to be adored almost 10 years on–a feat that few cute-for-the-sake-of-it mascots besides Hello Kitty could ever boast.

Now, a furniture maker in Japan is offering Rilakkuma fans the chance to purchase an original order-made sofa based on their favourite po-faced bear. But with a price tag of almost US$2,000, their bank balances will have to be just as healthy as their love of all things cute and cuddly to afford it.

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