Kitty currency merchandise has us hoping this faux banknote will one day become a reality. 

Just a few days ago, we brought you news of the adorable 500-yen banknote idea that pays homage to Japan’s beloved Shiba Inu dogs with a design featuring the miniature Mame Shiba breed. Now it’s time to rest our gaze on another adorable banknote design idea, and this time it’s adorned in kittens!

Japan doesn’t actually have a 200-yen note, as the country’s banknotes start at 1,000 yen. However, after the Ministry of Finance revealed new designs for the Japanese yen in April this year, Japanese illustrator and manga artist @PonkichiM decided to come up with alternative banknote creations of his own, creating cute pups and a solitary cat on 500, 1,000 and 2,000-yen bills.

Now illustrator @bokoyai has joined in on the animal-inspired currency ideas by coming up with a cute kitten design for a 200-yen note. Using Ponkichi’s background, which includes the words “Japan Cat Bank” printed in the top centre of the note, this design features five content kitties, with a cute surprised kitty peering out of a circle as the watermark.

Like the doge banknote, this new 200-yen note has been deemed so adorable it’s been given its very own merchandise range. Let’s take a look at the cute kitty collection below!

▼ There’s the Kitten Banknote Full Colour Memo Notepad for 528 yen.

▼ The Nyan Nyan (“Meow Meow”) Set Ticket Case in Cat and Kitten designs for 770 yen.

▼ The Kitten Banknote Synthetic Leather Keyholder for 770 yen.

▼ The Kitten Banknote Pass Case for 1,595 yen.

▼ The Kitten Banknote Change Purse for 1,870 yen.

▼ The Kitten Banknote Face Towel for 2,200 yen.


▼ The Kitten Banknote Wallet for 3,278 yen.

▼ And the Kitten Banknote Smartphone Case (in medium/large size) for 3,520 yen.

▼ The smartphone case is the kind where the phone slides up when the camera needs to be used.

The new Kitten Banknote merchandise can be purchased from the FurBaby Space Factory online store, and they’ll likely become available from other online shopping sites like Amazon Japan in the very near future.

With so many adorable animals in the world, we can’t wait to see what new banknote ideas they’ll come up with next. Personally, we think the onsen-loving capybara would be worthy of a note of their own — with bath times that last up to nearly four hours, that’s a feat all onsen lovers in Japan can aspire to!

Source, images: PR Times FurBaby
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