Enjoy all the fun of a Halloween masquerade party at Starbucks in Japan for a limited time.

Just last week, Starbucks Japan released the “Halloween Red Night Frappuccino” and the “Halloween Masquerade Raspberry Mocha” in the lead-up to the spookiest night of the year. After trying the two beverages, though, the green mermaid reappeared and beckoned to us once more, with the surprising news that there was a third Halloween beverage on its way: the Dark Night Frappuccino.

▼ Making the new release even more special was the fact that it would be released at 5:22 p.m. — the moment of sunset — on 18 October.

Our Frappuccino expert Masami was there in line at the exact moment the sun went down and the belle of the ball made its grand appearance. And this wasn’t a solo debut for the dark beverage, as she was accompanied by two cosplay-esque cup holders for her to rest in. With a choice of black or white available, Masami picked up the black ghoul with red wings and took it back to the table, where she could spend some quality time with them both.

The new Halloween releases are designed to conjure up the same sense of fun and excitement you’d get from attending a masquerade party in the evening, and Masami bought into the illusion immediately, holding up the Dark Night Frappuccino to admire her dark gown.

The unusual red-black hue was created with a mix of black cocoa powder and a sweet and tart red berry sauce made from raspberries, cranberries and strawberries. It was topped with cocoa, whipped cream and red berry sauce, and hidden inside, like a pure heart underneath a dark cloak, was a crumbled white chocolate brownie.

Masami lifted a spoonful of the dessert drink to her mouth, and was immediately seduced by its flavour. The mix of tart fruit, bitter chocolate and sweet cream was truly decadent, and perfect for a long autumn evening.

Of course, the Dark Night Frappuccino wasn’t the only new encounter Masami would have this evening, as the winged cup stand was also vying for her attention.

▼ The stands fit the tall-sized Starbucks Halloween Frappuccinos.

The stand acts like a cosplay outfit, so when you pop your Frappuccino into it, the drink is all dressed up for Halloween. While the Halloween Frappuccinos can be purchased separately for 590 yen (US$5.43) plus tax, the stands aren’t available separately so they need to be purchased as a set with either the Red Night or Dark Night Frappuccino for 990 yen (plus tax).

Starbucks is really going all out with the masquerade party theme this year, even providing special face filters so you can share your photos at the ball on social media.

▼ Who needs to attend a real masquerade party when you can create magic like this online?

The party ends on 31 October, so be sure to take Starbucks up on their invitation before then. And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out their gorgeous limited-edition Halloween drinkware range, which is also scheduled to disappear into the night on 31 October.Okay

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