Teenage girl’s Tik Tok video goes viral after she spots Emperor Naruhito on the royal train.

People in Japan enjoyed a public holiday on 22 October, in honour of the long-awaited enthronement ceremony that marked the official beginning of power for the country’s new emperor, Emperor Naruhito.

As the country watched the televised ceremony, with its ancient traditions and traditional Heian-period (794-1185) ceremonial court garments, it was a very old-school affair. That’s not to say the Imperial Family is an outdated concept that doesn’t appeal to the younger generation of today, though, as a new video shows the Emperor can conjure up a sense of excitement amongst teenage girls that’s on par with much younger boy band idols.

Take a look at the video below:

The clip — believed to have been filmed last month — shows the Imperial Train, known in Japanese as “Omeshi Ressha“, rolling by with Japanese flags flying proudly on its nose and its sleek body glistening under the lights. It sounds its horn, and then the girl filming the video, TikTok user @yualdh, can be heard saying “sugoi!” (“wow!“) with her friends, who then proceed to get more and more excited as they wait to spot the carriage containing members of the Imperial Family.

As the excitement builds, the girls’ comments go something like this:

“Doredoredoredoredore doredoredoredore dokodokodokodoko doredoredoredoredore yaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yabai tennou yabai yabai meccha tennou yabai…”

Or, in English:

“Whichonewhichonewhichonewhichonewhichone whichonewhichonewhichonewhichone wherewherewherewhere whichonewhichonewhichonewhichonewhichone yaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG THE EMPEROR OMG OMG TOTALLY THE EMPEROR OMG…”

The excitement of the teenagers spotting the Emperor and Empress on the Imperial Train is made extra amusing by their use of teenage lingo. Teenage girls, known as joshi kosei or simply “JK” in Japan, have a distinct way of talking that prompts TV programmes release lists of the top JK buzzwords every year, as even adults have a hard time understanding their jargon.

The clip has had over four million views already, with people leaving comments like:

“Japanese people have the same level of excitement for the Emperor as they do for boy bands.”
“This brought back memories of my high school days.”
“Teenage girls know how to react when something cool is happening.”
“It’s like they just spotted their favourite boy band idol!”
“If this is how the young people of today feel about the Emperor, then Reiwa is bound to be a good era.”

The reaction from the teenagers is so intense we can’t help but wonder how loud their shreiks of “yabai” would’ve been if they’d spotted the Emperor walk by at the station, in the style of the Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita at Tokyo Station in 2016.

Still, making teenage girls scream isn’t the only miracle performed by the Emperor recently, as many believe he played a part in controlling the weather during his enthronement when he was presented with the “Sword of Heavenly Gathering Clouds.”

Source: My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@Tsukiyamma
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