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Japanese mochi ice cream becomes latest TikTok trend

Demand for bite-sized “Little Moons” skyrockets, selling out at supermarkets.

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Japanese Emperor rides by on Imperial Train, makes schoolgirls scream like he’s a boy band idol

Teenage girl’s Tik Tok video goes viral after she spots Emperor Naruhito on the royal train.

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Domino’s Pizza delivery driver battles Typhoon Jebi in Japan, video goes viral 【Video】

These clips show a worker’s valiant attempts to stay upright in strong winds is no match for the force of Mother Nature.

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Chinese girls eating ice becomes hot new viral Internet trend【Videos】

There’s one special group of people who just can’t get enough of these unusual videos.

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“I Like Orange Juice!” Piko Taro releases new single that’s just as ridiculous as PPAP 【Video】

If 2016 was the year of apples and pineapples, 2017 looks set to be the year of orange juice.

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Young boy’s first baseball hit smacks a very golden prize【Video】

It’s exhilarating to see a kid hit a fast-moving baseball, but this probably wasn’t the result this dad wanted.

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Two Thai models arrested and facing possible charges after dance video goes viral【Video】

Most of us have probably experienced a moment or two where it was necessary for us to take a step back and reflect on actions leading to undesirable consequences, even if those actions might have seemed like a good idea at the time.

We’re sure this is exactly what two Thai models are doing after a “tasteless” video of them dancing in front of one of the country’s most sacred monuments in skimpy attire hit the web and went viral, leading to large-scale public backlash and their arrest by local authorities.
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Why making kids cry on camera never gets old

It was a viral hit in China back in 2010, but with 12 million views and counting, ‘Cute Little Chinese Girl Scared To Death On TV Show’ is a video that shows no sign of going away. The video of a little girl’s frightened reaction to a fake criminal, which recently resurfaced on the Japanese internet after being reposted to Liveleak, wasn’t the first funny crying kid video to stack up hits online, and it won’t be the last. From Charlie Bit My Finger Again, to the Reasons My Son Is Crying tumblr, to the recent video of a toddler left inconsolable after she realises a newborn can’t come to her birthday, it seems we just can’t get enough of weeping toddlers.

So why are videos of kids crying so popular?

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Japanese netizens react to Action Movie Kid on YouTube

One of the worst things about being an adult is not getting to play pretend anymore–or, at the very least, getting angry looks from grumpy old neighbors when you do. Your boss is almost guaranteed not to be amused by you shouting, “The floor is lava!” and then leaping onto your desk. We suppose that’s the best reason to have a kid–no one will complain about you playing pretend with your son or daughter!

Well, one parent has taken their pretend playing with their kid to an entirely different dimension. Thanks to computer graphics skills honed through working at freaking DreamWorks, this guy has made his son’s pretend play into reality and wowed netizens across Japan while doing so.

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