No more shoe boxes–we’re using pretty things instead!

By this point, you’ve probably, in some way, heard about Marie Kondo, the Japanese woman who gained huge popularity in America with her Netflix show about tidying your house by keeping things that “spark joy” and tossing the rest. One of the other core tenants of Marie’s style of tidying is to use everyday items to organize your things, like boxes and baskets.

Well, the next logical step for a smart businesswoman would be to capitalize on that idea by selling a Marie Kondo line of organizational goods…And that’s exactly what she’s done! She’s teamed up with 3Coins, a Japanese budget-friendly home shop to provide inexpensive and practical home organization products to help keep your home tidy.

The collaboration will come in multiple rounds, with the first round focusing on kitchen storage items that are perfect for Marie’s method of tidying up. The products will include bags that help sort your perishable items in the fridge, canvas bags designed for vegetables, and expandable organizers.

There are also trays, baskets, and wire racks that will help organize your kitchen shelf storage, make use of empty space, and make it look neat and tidy.

The items are all available now at 3Coins stores throughout Japan. While some of the item prices vary, most of them sell for just 330 yen (US$2.40), so this is a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning and organize your kitchen (and while you’re at it, maybe pick up some fruit sandwiches to keep your energy up if you’re at one particular 3Coins branch).

As we mentioned, this is only the first wave of Marie Kondo’s 3Coins collaborations. On March 20, they’ll be releasing part two, which will be “Marie Kondo-style Bath Items for the Ideal Lifestyle”. We can’t wait to see what else they’ll come out with!

Source, images: PR Times
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