Once you’ve tried wobbly coin wine, you’ll never go back to that horizontal crap.

On 11 December a gravity-defying photograph sent waves over Twitter, showing a partially filled wine glass balanced on top of four coins which are balanced on each other and teetering on the rim of yet another wine glass.

Moreover, Tanu (@thumb_tanu), the guy who posted it, humblebragged that it only took a little over a half-hour to accomplish.

“There’s probably more meaningful ways to spend 40 minutes. (I’m weak against alcohol so that’s just colored water.)”

Anyone who’s spent a day on the Internet would probably be highly suspicious that this is either Photoshop trickery or just a bunch of things glued together. But if you’re longtime fans of master balancer Tanu like we are, then you’ll probably know that this kind of impossibility is well within his abilities.

Even then, some people might be skeptical that Tanu could have elevated his balancing game to such a level. For those skeptics, he also released a video of him reconstructing the wine-glass tower in about a minute and then cleanly knocking it down, showing that there’s no hidden glue or tape being used.

In fairness, he does admit to needing an hour of failed takes to get that one video. Nevertheless, everyone online was amazed by Tanu’s patience and surgeon-like hands.

“I think he can stop gravity. That seems easier to do.”
“How many wine glasses did you go through to learn that?”
“I couldn’t do that in 40 days.”
“I tried it too and it took about 40 minutes… to clean up the broken glass.”
“Just doing that part with the four coins looks hard enough.”
“Is it a composite image or something?”
“Is that an Argentine peso?”
“I think it’s important to spend time doing this. It’s good to concentrate on something.”

Of course, Tanu doesn’t spend all his time putting coins on top of each other. He also stacks stationery!

“I find this kind of thing irresistible, but isn’t there anyone else like me…”

He’s a pretty mean juggler as well.

▼ “I’m often told, ‘You juggle too?!’ but really I’ve been doing this longer.”

And yes, he is available for parties and can be booked by contacting RPG Entertainment. I have a feeling he’d be a big hit at wine or sake tasting events.

Source: Twitter/@thumb_tanu, J-Town Net, RPG Entertainment
Featured image: Twitter/@thumb_tanu
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