An amazing card for anyone in the computer science field to have!

The University of Tokyo is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, and is a spearhead of much important research in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. That’s probably why one graduate student at the University of Tokyo has this awesome, tech-inspired business card to hand out to potential business associates:

This super cool card is designed to look like a piece of computer hardware, as if it’s a circuit board with wires stretching across it and an array of pin connectors. It has all of the information a business card needs, but with more flair than any traditional design. The Twitter user who first tweeted a picture of it, @univ00009, said that they “got this business card from a high school friend. Out of all the business cards I’ve received this one is the most stylish. It’s super cool!”

Given that the University of Tokyo is as tech-geared as it is, it seems fitting that a someone associated with it would have such a unique business card, and it really adds to the prestige of the person whose handing them out! Japanese netizens were all impressed, as well:

“That’s so cool…but it looks kinds of heavy! lol”
“Woooow, that’s so cooool”
“I really want one.”
“Wow! So cool!”
“It looks like just one would cost 1,000 yen [US$9.30].”
“I want to be the kind of person who can have an expensive-looking business card like this…”

▼ The back of the card

The actual owner of the business card, Fantasista (@tm_fantasista) who’s studying in the robotics department of the University of Tokyo, also commented, saying, “I am so happy to read all of the reactions!” They said that they make the cards themselves, and even shared how it’s done, though to our layman’s eyes it’s not so intuitive. From what we can tell, though, the cards are made from actual printed circuit boards, which is pretty darn cool. Fantasista said that most people love the business card when they receive it:

“Usually when I give it to people who work in science, they love it, which makes me happy. But on rare occasions when I give it to people in the arts they get taken aback! lol”

They also tweeted a picture of what the front of the card would look like with parts connected to it:

And, apparently, there’s also a black version!

Despite the look of it, it isn’t a very big business card. At 91 by 55 millimeters (3.6 by 2.2 inches), it’s the standard size for cards in Japan. However, it’s about three times as thick, though still much thinner than most circuit boards. Fantasista also added that, despite their expensive look, they only cost on average 80 yen (US$0.73) apiece, and they can get it for even cheaper by ordering the printed circuit boards through the university.

So if you work in computer science or engineering and you can make sense of Fantasista’s tech-y instructions, try making one of these cool business cards to impress your associates! Put them in the Nintendo Famicon business card case and you’ll be sure to impress anyone you give them to.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@univ00009
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